Saturday , August 13 2022

Despite success, "Romans" have little distribution in Mexico


Despite praise and applause, he has gotten around the world, the premiere of Rome It will be quite limited in Mexico.

The new movie by Alfonso Cuarón is the first Mexican movie to have won Golden Lion in Venice and it will look for an Oscar nomination, but until Thursday the projection was about 50 national theaters while the major Hollywood premiere appeared on more than a thousand screens.

Cuarón did not clearly explain the reason and not all local distributors talked publicly about it, but their producers say that the movie is available to those who want to include it in its sign.

"All exhibitors who meet the conditions for exhibition at the cinema are welcome. They are invited to contact us to join the film's distribution," said Venezuelan producer Gabriela Rodríguez on Wednesday night under the movie's red carpet at Cineteca Nacional, one of the few places where the film will be displayed and where the tickets are sold out to December.

"I want many more shows in Mexico," Cuarón tweeted on Tuesday. "To put things in perspective, it will be shown in Poland in 57 rooms and in South Korea at 50. ROMA is available to all rooms that want to show it."

Rome It is a drama about the home worker of a middle-class family in Mexico in the 1970s, inspired by Cuaron's life.

Although the two main benefits in the country -Cinepolis and Cinemex – have rooms devoted to authors films and usually do not show reluctance to show low budget productions or known directors, nobody will give them space.

Associated Press contacted both to know their position. Cinemex said there are currently no statements about it. Cinépolis said in a statement sent to AP: "Unfortunately, Rome It was sold to Netflix whose business model has not yet found the exhibition in cinemas. "The company added that for viewing a movie, an approximate 90-day distribution window would be required, where it would not be available on other platforms or channels. Netflix will premiere" Roma "on December 14 and the band will reach 190 territories through its service of streaming.

This distribution model also meant that the film could not compete at the Cannes Film Festival.

The limitation in the show of the film has triggered dissatisfaction among many Mexicans and several rumors, but Cuarón and the producers have been looking out to deny them. Among other things, Netflix prevented it from appearing in cinemas before the premiere on the platform, which required a 4K projection and atmos-sound, which the director believes it would be ideal to present it and that it was necessary to donate the box office. All of the above have been denied, although charity functions have been assumed to be non-conditioned as a requirement to carry out the projection.

Together with this situation, the worldwide interest in the film of the Oscar-winning director of films like "Gravity" and "Children of Men" is maintained. Last week, the magazine, Rome's main character, Yalitza Aparicio, mentioned in his list of the top ten performances of the year that qualified it as "the kind of jewel that a filmmaker could look for forever without being able to find it". Aparicio, belonging to the Mixtec ethnic group, originally from the southern state of Oaxaca, studied to be a primary school teacher and never thought about acting. He even threw the role together with his mother for fear of dealing with human trafficking.

"It's a wonderful thing, I think it's like showing a new hope to many other people to keep fighting for what they want," he told AP on the tape's red carpet.

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