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Nattaffärs owners are dissatisfied with the restriction of hours to bars and warn of the proliferation of sexual exploitation as a consequence.

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Owner of night establishments in Cartagena They have expressed disagreement with the decree issued on November 6, as they condemn the rise of homeless parties in the city.

The action orders these places to close at 2:00 in the morning, which, according to them, is "catastrophic, the massive termination of workers is added to the growth of so-called secret parties in houses in the historic center where sexual tourism and drug consumption, without any control of the authorities , "he explained. Joaquín Torres, lawyer of the merchants.

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In addition, he pointed out that in order to carry out such a process, it is necessary to carry out certain studies which, in this case, were never given.

As for the issue of sexual exploitation, owners claim that their facilities do not allow or promote this practice, "from the legality and the owners to formal bars and clubs have condemned what kind of cases they are witnesses," said Torres.

However, they condemn that they are linked to sexual exploitation of minors. "We know directly from the mayor's office that there are pressures involving other entities. The Attorney General and Vice President press the mayor," he said. Juan Varela, member of the association.

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For employers, the action, instead of preventing illegal actions, has caused them to increase alarmingly. In addition, they claim that it is contrary to global tourism policy, which eliminates the competitiveness of Cartagena.

That's why they asked the District to revoke the rule and that the operation of the night business extended to 4:00 in the morning.

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