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Alianza Petrolera vs Deportivo Cali: Results, Summary and Home Team 2019 | Colombian Football | Eagle League

Deportivo Cali fell 3-2 this Sunday against Alianza Petrolera at Daniel Villa Zapata Stadium, in Barrancabermeja, in the debut of both in Foursquare B in League II-2019.

Aurinegros and Verdiblancos had a balanced game, where the local used two penalties, both executed in good form by Jhon Vásquez, although referee John Hinestroza's performance was quite questioned. With the visitor, the urgent task is to work so that their players handle the most important parts of the games.

Lucas Pusineri presented four news about the team that played the second leg of the Colombia Cup final against Medellin: Darwin Andrade, Francisco Delorenzi, Andrés Arroyo and Féiver Mercado were not there.

The first half was very emotional, with two teams thrown towards the rival goal. They were just 38 seconds after the game started when Kevin Velasco dismissed from the bottom, the ball was recovered by Alliance in the middle of the court, Yhormar Hurtado made a turn to the bottom between four opponents, put the center and César Arias stopped in the second stick knit the ball with his head to 1-0. Incredible passivity for the green and white defense.

At 7, a shot by Deiber Caicedo in the area, the ball hit Jeisson Palacio's left arm, but referee John Hinestroza did not give a penalty, and on the contrary, he exhorted Juan Ignacio Dinenno for the claim.

As a 12-year-old, Juan Camilo Angulo picked up a bad rejection on a rival flyer, set a deep center to the left where Deiber arrived, focusing on the heart of the area, and Palavecino played subtly with the right to compromise.

The game won in emotion, with a better visitor in attack, trying to get the other with a Deiber jacket and a left hand from Dinenno without direction, but Alzate also had a shot above the horizontal.

Jhormar Hurtado again scared his sector and at 23 he almost got the benefit of his team. Arias also tried a Chilean at 27, away from the right post. Caicedo responded with a left-hand shot that saved Jerez down. Lot of interesting documents, which left two executives of Dinenno and Rentería at the end of the first half without success in the Allied fence.

At minute 33 there was an 8-pass to Hurtado in the area, Palavecino was behind, the side was thrown, and the referee awarded a penalty which he executed a minute later Jhon Vasquez through the middle for 2-1.

After restarting the game, Caicedo stopped again and the ball hit the base on the right post.

As a 14-year-old, Juan Camilo Angulo added another right-to-left, middle of the Alliance area, and Juan Ignacio Dinenno stepped up to match the match again.

About 23, Carlos Arias finished the goal, where Johans Wallens had come from, and the ball hit Richard Renteria's hand that was on the line. Again, a penalty that Jhon Vásquez performed to decree 3-2, and a red card for the sugar defender.

The complement was similarly very interesting, back and forth, with important attacks for each side, but finally Cali was defeated before a recursive Alliance that leaned its game to the right with the exits of Jhormar Hurtado, the most unbalanced player of commitment.

Jeisson Palacios got a hit in the end and again the game was canceled. Mercado had the last head in a center of Kevin Velasco, but the shot went humbly in the hands of Jerez. Defeat the caleño box when he needed to lift his temper after the unrest in the Colombia Cup.

On the second date in Foursquare B, Cali will receive Santa Fe on Wednesday (8:30 pm), while Alianza will visit America on Thursday (8:30 pm).

Synthesis Petroleum Alliance 3-2 Cali

Oil Alliance: Ricardo Jerez (7); Yhormar Hurtado (8), Jeisson Palacios (6), Luciano Ospina (6), Farid Díaz (5); Juan David Ríos (6), Cleider Alzate (5), Freddy Flórez (6), Luciano Guaycochea (6), Jhon Vásquez (7); César Arias (6).

changes: Juan Guillermo Domínguez (6) by Luciano Guaycochea (18 ST), Edwin Torres (5) by Jhon Vásquez (39 ST), Juan Sebastián Mancilla (SC) by Cleider Alzate (45 ST).

D.T .: César Torres.

Deportivo Cali: Johan Wallens (5); Juan Camilo Angulo (7), Danny Rosero (5), Richard Rentería (SC), Kevin Velasco (5); Andrés Balanta (5), Christian Rivera (5), Deiber Caicedo (6), Andrés Palavecino (6), Carlos Rodríguez (4); Juan Ignacio Dinenno (6).

changes: Andrés Arroyo (5) by Carlos Rodríguez (26 ST), Rafael Tapia (5) by Agustín Palavecino (33 ST), Féiver Mercado (SC) by Deiber Caicedo (41 ST).

D.T .:
Lucas Pusineri.

goal: 1-0: César Arias (1 PT, chief). 1-1: Agustín Palavecino (12 PT). 2-1: (Jhon Vásquez, from penalty). Juan Ignacio Dinenno (14 ST, chief). 3-2: Jhon Vásquez (24 ST, penalty).

corrected: Cleider Alzate (6 PT), Freddy Flórez (8 PT), Jeisson Palacios (30 PT), Farid Díaz (31 PT), Jhon Vásquez (22 ST) for the Petroleum Alliance. Juan Ignacio Dinenno (7 PT), Kevin Velasco (24 PT), (PT),… (ST) by Cali.

expelled: Richard Rentería (24 ST).

party: Well

figure: Jhormar Hurtado (8)

stadium: Daniel Villa Zapata

help: 3,000 spectators, approx.

BOX-OFFICE: not delivered.

judge: John Hinestroza (5)

Marco Antonio Garcés

Correspondent Futbolred Cali
On twitter: @marquitosgarces

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