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Zhejiang Satellite TV "Youth Tour" Wang Kai Xi & # 39; s planning large-scale performance – Chinanews

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Photo with permission

Photo with permission

BEIJING May 18, Zhejiang Satellite TV and Cultural Tourism Exploration Program "Youth Tour" will be broadcast May 18 at 20:30. Wang Kai, Wu Jinyan, Lin Yun, Wei Daxun, Fan Wei, Hu Xianyu, Song Mingrui, Duan Meiyang went to the ancient capital of Xi'an in the thirteenth dynasty. Between the heavy historical monuments and the new modern city, the greatness explores thousands of years ago. Tang Fengyun is familiar with "changan ancient meaning" that has survived to this day. More Du Juan, Jiang Mengyu, Zhou Yuqi, Meng Jia youth went and "Youth League" together to experience the "beauty of the Tang dynasty." In this episode, six male guests also started their first personal fight. They will perform classics such as "The New White Lady", "Westward Journey", "The Sword Legend and the Chivalrous Man" and "The Condor Heroes". In the bridge section of the film and television drama, find female guests in their own team, go to the Tang Dynasty Furong Garden and Huaqing Palace to learn about the humanities and customs as Tang makeup and sword dance, and finally realize the beauty of the Tang dynasty through this road. A music and dance performance with great Tang Dynasty charm.

Wang Kai's "mysterious mission" was presented with Lin Yun's law

Wu Jinyan is dancing Xi'an City Fan Wei to help the drums

In the latest program, Wang Kai received a "mysterious mission" to leave Nanjing and go to Xi & # 39; And he turned to Xi'an in the middle of the road and caused a busy discussion on the Internet. Netizens said they "want to know where Kege went." In this section, "Youth Sponsor" revealed Sina Weibo Fan Yuze this excitement. The original program group is expected to hold a great music and dance performance in Xi'an – "The Beauty of Datang" and urged Wang Kai to join the creative team to plan the show together with the program group. Wang Kai agreed easily, and at the same time he invited the program group to take the initiative and hoped to be the stage coordinator of the performance. All members of the "Youth Tour Group" will also participate in the performance of "The Beauty of Datang". Among them, Wu Jinyan, Fan Wei, Jiang Mengyu and Song Mingrui will perform "Li Renxing", Wei Daxun, Lin Yun and He Dujuan will perform "Minhang". Hu Xianqi, Meng Jia, Zhou Yuqi, Duan Meiyang will perform "The Song of Everlasting Sorrow". And Wang Kai and Lin Yun once again "keep the team" are also full of watching. After the first two periods of the two, the silent understanding continues to climb. In "Ai Mei Ge Wang" they are two "friends" and help each other. A person grabs wheat, a person blocks the other teams and the "combat force" is full.

As one of the premier performances in the "Big Tang Beauty" show, Wu Jinyan, who is a dancer, will also change the image of straight and beautiful in film and television drama and put on the Tang Dynasty costumes. Because of his many years of dance skills, Wu Jinyan showed a bright, feminine, elegant and elegant dance during the training. It's very Tang-style, and it's bound to give the audience a light feeling. Fan Wei, who is a member of the same team, practiced drum skills and will perform a handsome and youthful drumming experience with Song Mingrui in the show to help Wu Jinyan.

Wei Daxun Fan Wei Hu Xianyu Experience the customs of the Tang Dynasty

Cute pet hit the cute burst table

In the Tang makeup experience, the male guests will also personally make up for the female guests. Wei Daxun, Fan Wei and Hu Xianqi were often wasted by "straight but 's esthetics." He Dujuan even even told Wei Daxun that "you are ugly for me" and chased Wei Daxun's "beat" to provoke members to laugh. Afterwards, the members will also learn about the swordship that is popular in the Tang Dynasty's people, and use the learned sword dance courses to perform the intense and intense gaming experience.

Photo with permission

Photo with permission

In addition to the four female guests who participated in the program, the program group also invited six cute pets to help. The male guests have to choose one. Wang Kai "first started to be strong" chose a short-legged keji that was in contrast to her long legs. During the mission he also played loudly with the dog from time to time. Fan Wei chose to have a thriving collaboration with himself. Although there was collaboration before, the flowering seems to be "not interested" for little brother in front of him, playing with other friends. What kind of story will happen when "Phi Phi" meets the naughty sweet flower again? And Wang Kai's first "cross-border" performance as a stage coordinator for large-scale performances will surprise everyone. What kind of performance will the "Youth Tour Group" end up with for the audience? More exciting content, please look forward to today's 20:30, Zhejiang Satellite TV "Youth Tour" third period.

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