Sunday , October 2 2022

You can now use Hashtag in the Comments Box in Google Maps 啰


To make comments on places like Google Maps and other places more effective, Google added a new feature to use hashtag. Now that you leave a comment in the comment area, users can add up to five hashtags related to the content or store. Before the confirmation is sent, the system lists all the hashtags you have used to confirm. For others, using the new feature, you can find the store or comment comment site with the same hash tag through hashtag and further improve search efficiency.

In the method of using hashtag, Google said that people commenting on comments should use something like #Vegetarian (vegetarian), #goodforselfies, #sunviews (sunsets) and #wheelchairaccessible (friendly wheelchairs) and other clear content, rather than words like #love or #food that are too wide.

According to Google's statement to TechCrunch, this feature was launched for Android devices a week ago. As far as Chinese support is concerned, I think I should have more patience and so on, but there is no news about iOS. In addition to this new enhancement, Google has recently added storage and sales conversions, follow-up trades, group tapping, sharing itineraries, and commuting tags for successive maps. If you have not used these features yet, check our previous reports to find out.

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