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The world's hardest man "goes to the sea"! From the carrying role of the counter attack to a major protagonist, he is the king of Neptune in 1 meter 93 – Jason, Neptune, Conan, he is none – Super Health Best Health


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Original title: The world's hardest man "goes to the sea"! From the supporting role of attacking a great protagonist, he is King at sea, the king of 1 meter 93

Over the last two days, DC superhero blockbuster "The Sea King" was released, and immediately launched a global dill.

Everyone screams:The world's hardest man "goes to the sea"!

This boy tells the boy who has Atlantis blood to unlock the talent step by step.

In the movie to become a king

There is more than the Avatar underwater world!

There are also exciting fighting scenes.

Called underwater "speed and passion"!

But the most bloody, or sea king himself

After all, every second is sexy to blow

I can go to the sea, and my sister will fight again.

Even the label attributed him to the poster is "Wei Zhen Qi Hai"

But some people are superficial sea lions, and they can not even swim in the back.

When the director found that actor Jason Momma played the shark, the 193 cm long, the king who grew up in the Hawaiian coast and studied marine biology, refused.

The reason is: I can not swim! !

But when you understand Jason's life, you'll find

He is not only the best choice to play the sea king, he is simply king to sea king

In 1979, Jason was born in Hawaii, his father was a Hawaiian aborigin, and his mother was a German, Irish and Indian mixed breed.

So, Jason, who is complicated in bloodlines, comes with an exotic atmosphere!

Because of the divorce between his parents, Xiao Jason moved to Edward with his mother, and his mother was a photographer. He traveled all year round, which to some extent influenced Jason.

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