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The soaring trash is sold crazy, the shredder is sold out … You can't lose it, you're married! _ Daily News of Sankei _ Production Channel Home_ 财经 网 – CAIJING.COM.CN

With the full extension of the mandatory waste sorting period in Shanghai on July 1, the citizens of this international metropolis have begun to "spell" for a small sack paper!

Each reporter, Li Keyu, each edited by Chen Xu

Recently in Shanghai, the topic of sorting garbage has repeatedly been on the hot search.

The last paragraph is that every person who dumps garbage in devils must go through the hardest hearings of the oldest must: Which garbage are you?

In the question of this "torture of the soul", the industry related to debris classification was unexpectedly popular. Even in the past, 9 cans of 9 can be 包邮, and now the "price doubled".

The garbage can, which can achieve dry and wet classification, is sold at 188 yuan / month "high price", can still make consumers rush, the price of nearly 1600 yuan / month garbage can, as it can be difficult to dry and wet separate kitchen waste Direct smashing, straight into the sewer, can actually sell in stock on the online shopping platform …

With the full extension of the mandatory waste sorting period in Shanghai on July 1, the citizens of this international metropolis have begun to "spell" for a small sack paper!

Affordable foreign branding can easily break through

Why is the implementation of compulsory sorting of garbage, the first "fire" is junk? Reporters on the Daily Economic News (WeChat: nbdnews) noted that this is closely related to the "dry and wet separation" classification standard currently governed by Shanghai.

According to the Shanghai municipal waste management regulations adopted at the second meeting of the 15th Municipal People's Congress in January this year, the city will carry out the separation of debris into recyclable and hazardous waste from July 1 this year. The four classification methods for wet debris and dry garbage clarify that household waste should be separated from dry and wet.

Prior to that, the local classification standard for household waste in Shanghai was divided into four categories: "glass, hazardous waste, recyclable waste and other garbage". There was no requirement for classification of dry and wet garbage. Therefore, garbage bins used by citizens at home are generally dumped dry and wet debris at the same time, and cannot reach the target of sweeping garbage from the source.

"If you want to do something good, you must first tighten your tools." Under the influence of the new debris classification policy, the Shanghai residents began to take action and search the world for junk cans that can achieve dry and wet separation.

The reporter noticed that on a shopping site, a trash can with two junk baskets and can be included in the basket, even after the discount, the price is still as high as 79.9 yuan, which is about the price of regular trash. 8 times. Although the price is high, the product sold more than 5000 in one month. To adapt to the Shanghai consumer's enthusiasm for the trash, the merchant simply chose the delivery site for this product in Shanghai.

(A dry and wet sorting garbage can be sold online. You can see that a garbage basket is divided into two garbage baskets containing dry and wet debris that resemble municipal garbage bins)

According to local media in Shanghai, on the shopping site, the best-selling product these days is the Japanese brand's dry and wet sorting tray, which costs about 200 yuan, which is much more expensive than regular trash. There are customer service staff online, the sale of this product has been broken in recent days, most customers are in Shanghai, the sales situation is good, the business is also very surprised.

(An affordable classified garbage bin sold online, the reason for the high price is the use of a stainless steel casing, and also achieves a dual storage function)

In addition, the reporter noted that these priced trash bins that are sold online have an obvious function, that is, the capacity is surprisingly large.

For example, the above-mentioned trash with a price of 79.9 yuan has a capacity of 20 liters, which is much higher than the regular trash with a capacity of between 9 and 12 liters. A dry and wet separation junk can, which is imported from Japan and sold for 198 yuan, has a capacity of 45 liters, which is nearly five times larger than regular trash.

Why do household waste containers need such a large capacity? This is related to the usual garbage collection system which is compatible with the compulsory garbage collection system.

Article 24 (2) of the Shanghai Waste Management Regulations provides: "The city shall periodically implement systems for the regular distribution of household waste." The guidelines for the implementation of the planned delivery system for household waste in Shanghai "It is clear that the waste delivery is normally tomorrow and evening time, a total of 3 to 4 hours a day. In the event that debris cannot be placed most of the time, a garbage can with large capacity a "necessary" to the public.

The reporter also found that prior to problems with dry and wet separation of kitchen waste, many consumers choose to "go into place" and buy directly the sweeper that can break the garbage into powder and then release it directly into the drain. On a purchasing website, the reporter found that if the shipping address is registered as Shanghai, a kitchen waste with a price of up to 1599 yuan is sold out.

Residents distribute free special trash bins

In an interview with local citizens in Shanghai, the reporter noticed that there is another important reason for the hot sale of trash bins online, that is, garbage bins on the market have not been updated in time for debris classification, if the original trash bins are used, the trash Can only be in mixed condition.

Li, a citizen of Shanghai, told reporters that he was looking for trash that could carry various types of garbage in his own supermarkets near his home, but he didn't find anything. Supermarket service personnel told him that such bins are still in stock and may not appear on the shelves until after July 1st. Most supermarkets currently only offer regular garbage bins that cannot be classified.

Finally, Li still chose to buy classified trash online. And his unit has made the same choice.

Of course, this does not mean that in order to achieve junk classification, it must be a higher price. Mr Li told reporters that a few days ago, the neighborhood committee in his community had distributed garbage bins exclusively for garbage to all residents.

(Li's trash from the neighborhood committee)

Shanghainese, known as the "tight door", can of course show a sharp side to living at home – many simply choose to buy some cheap trash bins to pack different types of garbage. Buying a more expensive garbage can of course save a lot of money.

Chain store "second part of the 30% discount" sale

The Shanghai residents' demand for trash bins has not unexpectedly become a new bright spot for companies to create sales.

Recently, a large international chain furniture store opened a special garbage bin in Shanghai. According to the pictures from netizens, from mid-May to the end of June this year, consumers will get a second 30% discount when buying some trash bins in the store.

According to local media reports, although many stores in Shanghai have already prepared well, the stocks they have prepared cannot meet the residents' demand for junk cans.

For example, in a supermarket in the Huangpu District, according to the owner, the trash has been sold out. Because I knew I was going to carry out trash sorting, I deliberately realized some trash of classified brands. The results were quick to buy and the sales volume increased several times than usual.

(Editor: Ye Xuwei)


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