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"Sponge of SpongeBob" died at the age of 57 because of the progressive freezing of human disease. He said he will work until the last moment – China Daily


Hillenberg published a message last year that he was diagnosed with gradual freezing, but he said he would work until the last moment the body was allowed. (Source: US Chinese Network)

China Daily Online, November 28 According to American media reports on November 27, the cartoonist "SpongeBob", who carries countless memories of childhood, created Steve Hillenberg the same day, at the age of 57 years. The American Children's Channel – Nick Lodi Cable Channel confirmed the news on Twitter.

The official tweet by Nick Lodien's cable channel said: "We are very sorry to release the news about the death of SpongeBob's creator, Steve Hillenberg. Today we are his lives.

According to reports, Hillenberg 2017 revealed that he was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, which is "gradual freezing of human disease". He once said in an interview that he will work until the final physical condition.

His most famous work is SpongeBob, which has been used almost 18 years since the launch on the Nickeldeen cable channel in 1999. This animation is not only popular but also popular in the world. So far, SpongeBob has won 4 Emmy Awards, 6 Anime Awards in Animation, 15 Nickel Dean Cable Channel Children's Choice Awards and 2 movies.

In addition, SpongeBob's surrounding merchandise has generated more than $ 10 billion in revenues for Nickelion Cable Channel. The musical of the same name, released on Broadway in New York in 2017, also received rave reviews.

In addition to the animator's identity, Hillenberg is still a marine biologist, but the story of "SpongeBob" happens on the seabed, but it has nothing to do with marine knowledge.

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