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CD Project Red is a magical company. Designers have tried their best to indulge in the witchcraft world. "The daughter is missing, the white wolf is bent on Quint." Now they want you to be in Quinte. The card returns to the big and mysterious wizard, "sometimes playing games, players play risks".

As a web-based game, the game "The Fall of King Power" is a slice, so you can immerse yourself in the charm of stand-alone games. The foreign enemies are about to invade, and the empire is in chaos. As a group of countries, what kind of choice does Mi Mis decision in this moment of life and death?

The world of sorcerers

"Not good, queen! The empire has invaded !!"

"Eternal empire! Men, expedition with me!"

Only the return of the wizard is enough to attract the hearts of countless players. The degeneration of the kingdom, the action is adapted from the sorcerer series, the scenes and characters not mentioned in the game or the legendary stories just introduced briefly presented to the player during congressional cases. What happened to the Second North War? How did the murdered king rule during his lifetime? What kind of conspiracy has the invasion of the empire?

In the game, the player personally plays Mi Wei's majesty, making the most correct choice among the intricate situations and ghosts. There was an empire invasion, a rebel army and a chaotic country, the squirrel party was in a dilemma, and the Kings had other calculations. Mi Wei's road was judged and extraordinary from the beginning. Like Gerald, Queen Miwei is also facing a dilemma all the time. Is it a forced recruitment or a wish? Look at the conspiracy, is it a face to face demolition or another picture? As a generation of kings everything has a profound impact on the situation.

Of course, the hero may not be alone. As the queen, Miwei has the charm and reputation of Jerlot difficult to compare. Countless heroes are willing to fight for the queen. At the same time, they are also a rare and powerful force to attract heroes along the way. Important. "There is no difference in the way." Joining the team does not mean that you are always loyalty. Whether you want to see your choice in the future. As a strong gold card character, each hero's stay will affect the future situation, is it the strength of gold cards or defending its own standards?

When you come to this complex wizard, follow the moment when Mi Wei goes out of the city gate, the story of the wizard is written by you!

Intensive and exciting Quinte match

"Not good, queen! There is a backstop !!"

"What? Hurry up and take my deck!"

In the case of the kingdom, whether it is disputes and waves of adventurism, or war and confrontations between the two armies, the battles in this game are presented in the form of Quint cards, and both enemy and enemy become players. The tire's deck, the braschbord's chessboard, is the ever-changing battlefield. The cards in your hand are the soldiers as you bravely move forward and use strategies and strategies to defeat all enemies.

During the congress case, the Kunte card's winning conditions are no longer just "bigger than the size", and there are unique ways to win in the various campaigns. In the battle on the ground, "Bit Size" is still the most important way to fight. Through the interaction between the different colors on the deck, the score on our field increases, the enemy's combat strength decreases and various uses are used (like the Hearthstone legend). Beaver) and the ability to command (the ability to manually trigger the field), play with the water flow. During the event of the congress, the player can experience the charm of the Kwant Card Contest. Even though it is struggling with AI, the battle in battle is not reduced.

In addition to the traditional Quinter victory method, the demolition of the kingdom has also been added to the declassified battle, the game's winning conditions vary and under the preset card sets and conditions, fighting against the enemy. Decoding in the game often requires the players to have a better overall situation and computing power, utilizing each card in hand to win, unexpected and difficult exploration, decryption is often expanded players Thinking, an important way to stimulate card potential, although the beginning is often the enemy , I'm the enemy, the enemy's ability often makes the player slow pressure, but through sophisticated calculations and sophisticated funds, some cards look uncomfortable, but it can give unexpected results. In the decryption game, the player's deck is fixed and the starting cards for each game will not change, avoiding random problems such as happiness and making the player focused on decryption.

If it is Witcher 3, the entrance experience of the Kwant brand, then in the case of the King, is the Kwant battle a true training and promotion for the players. Compared to Witcher 3, the Independent Kwant game has created many changes. Further improvements were made while retaining the core elements. The king's fall is not only the perfect combination of the plot and Quinte, but also the promotion and development of the Kunte brand. I think every player who has played the king has a great interest in Quint.

Money is as much as bread.

"Queen! Mars is in a hurry, the food is not enough!"

"Mo pan! Wait for me to steal from the village, no, borrow!"

As said, "The Terracotta Warriors do not move, the corn and the grass are the first." In the king's game, the expedition is reflected in gold coins, timber and strength. Each decision in the game will have a certain impact on the three, such as the roadside. If the role is used, the strength increases and the number of coins decreases. The three players in the game primarily influence the development and development of player modes. The upgrade of each camp will not only add new opportunities to the march but also improve the overall battle level and get detailed information. Of course, all this is not the consumption of gold coins, wood and soldiers.

In the barracks, the synthesis of each card is closely related to these three things. Just like playing with civilization, each device must be unlocked one by one with technological development. Each card in the camp will be in the camp. Upgrade to get production capacity. The troops draw attention to the legitimacy of the arms, and in the case of congresses the card group has a population ceiling. Different types of cards correspond to different populations. A card with a powerful card tends to be counterproductive. Only a reasonable match can be used. Yum.

On the way to the marsch there is a long way, there is always a lack of "grain", nothing, how can the North Queen withstand this happening? In the game, players can control Mi Wei, collect "grass" in a series of places like villages, roads, layers, etc. on the map to get gold coins, woods and troops. In addition, the map also contains gold treasures that contain Players of all kinds of mysterious objects will dig graves. When they help NPC or adjust the letter, they can get a tax card.

The morale of warriors in the game is the key to the battle. Morale will increase the base value of all warrior cards in the tire, reducing the difficulty of the match. Moral morality has been reflected intuitively and also makes the player understand the meaning of morality in the war, so in March, Mi Wei's decision will directly affect the morale of the army. Everyone wants to triumph, but sometimes they have to make difficult choices under the influence of "bread". After all, money and bread, you can not be less.

The case of Wang Quan may be the best RPG card game this year. Whether it's the addition of the Chinese dubbing or the pricing of the national discount, you can not miss the guide or Quinte. In this you will promote the multiplayer game. In the online experience environment, CD Project Reds single-player mode of online gaming launched this trend trend consistently praised by players. After all, only the front motive can get support and respect for the players.

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