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Sino-Japanese sports enthusiasts Gansu competition: field, skills, friends, _ sports

Original Title: Sino-Japanese Sports Enthusiasts Gansu Competition: Right-hand Game Skills

Japanese table tennis enthusiast Takagi Tetsuya (first from left) changed table tennis skills with Chinese table tennis enthusiasts after the game. Ai Qinglong Photo

Zhongxin.com, Lanzhou on June 25 (Ai Qinglong) The 25th Gao Muzhe, a table tennis fan from Japan, said in a concert with local table tennis enthusiasts in Lanzhou, Gansu that despite the language being unreasonable as long as face to face competition, you can feel each other's minds and achieve your communication goals.

For Gao Muzhe, who has been practicing table tennis for more than 10 years, the technical action has long been stored, but on the court it is a little nervous, because this is his first time to compete with Chinese table tennis fans.

The picture shows live sports of 2019 Chinese and Japanese mass sports exchange activities (China Station). Ai Qinglong Photo

The same day, which hosted the All-China Sports Federation, the 2019 Chinese-Japanese massports (China Station) jointly hosted the Foreign Sports Exchange Center for the State Sports General Administration and the Gansu Provincial Sports Association opened in Lanzhou, Gansu, with 60 Japanese sports fans. and Chinese sports enthusiasts will compete in four events: table tennis, badminton, tennis and basketball.

Before the competition, Chinese sports enthusiasts presented the Qingyang embroidery to Japanese sports enthusiasts. The other party used simple handbags and hugs as presents and then heated.

"Good ball, left hand" … Gao Muzhe and Lu Jianxiong table tennis match as "opening battle" to attract people to stop watching. The two of you came to me and gradually became acquainted with the style of playing each other. Finally, Lu Jianxiong won the game. After the match, Gao Muzhe also discussed with the Chinese table tennis fans racket rubber and other problems with the help of translators.

"The two met for the first time, but like old friends, there is nothing to talk about." Lu Jianxiong told reporters that because of the table tennis competition, the two abroad have common topics and intersections in the communication process Two people were also surprised to find that "it was the same as a bank staff."

"I have always liked Chinese characters since I was a child. I always hope to have the opportunity to understand the Chinese culture." Morita, an image analyst, took a 7-day trip to Lanzhou for sports exchanges.

"The Chinese characters in one of the oldest signs in the world are unique and mysterious." As one of the few Japanese delegations who spoke Chinese, Morita Mizuho said in an interview three years ago, she learned Chinese herself because of the lack of language environment. I always feel that I lack "soul" and I am enrolled in this exchange. She said that through sports exchange activities we can find like-minded Chinese friends and help better understand the Chinese culture.

"Sports exchange activities are more like a happy journey." Ishikawa Eiichiro, who is engaged in the Chinese-Japanese people exchange work in 2016, is the head of the Japanese delegation. He witnessed China and Japan's sports lovers from strangers to acquaintances and know each other.

"The Chinese-Japanese mass exchange business began in 2007 and has been held for 11 sessions." The All-China Sports Federation Assistant Head of the Fan Federation, Fan Jiang, said the event is mainly based on the exchange of visits between the two countries' private exchange groups. Focus on friendly competitions and build channels for public communication. He revealed that in the next step, the All-China Sports Federation will invent the competition programs and models to increase the fun of the event and attract more people to participate. (Final)Go back to Sohu and see more

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