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Red Bull owner Matt Hitz, who used a can of beverage to build a sports country, but was called a "tyrant" of fans – News – Sports News


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Original title: Red Bull owner Matt Hitz, who used a jar of beverages to build a sports country, but was called "tyrant" by fans.

Undoubtedly,Red bullIt is the most successful sports fun drink in the world today. As for Red Bull, everyone can of course think about competitive sports.

However, the Red Bull sport dances can be even bigger than you think. The Red Bull sports organization has 20 sports teams around the world including football, ice hockey, racing, extreme sports and e-sports. Many of them are well-known sports teams like the F1 Red Bull Racing and the Bundesliga Red Bull. In addition to the sports team, Red Bull also sponsored 26 sports events, pushed 33 sporting events and even 5 arenas built by Red Bull.

Five red bulls

In this season's UEFA Cup match, we even saw the scene of two Red Bull teams playing together.

Red Bull derby in the Europa League

In addition, Red Bull's sponsorship spending in sports is even more impressive and accounts for almost a third of total revenue. Red Bull's sponsorship costs in sports are globally other than Coca-Cola and Nike.

Why is Red Bull so enthusiastic about sports sponsorship? To answer this question, you must mention the name of a person –Matt Hitz. Although Red Bull originates in Thailand, it is because of this Austrians that Red Bull is famous for the world.

Red Bull's birth

In 1980, Matt Hitz, who was a regular employee of a dental surgery company in Germany, occasionally went to Thailand for a business trip. When I first arrived in Thailand he was very tired because of jet lag, and at this time he found that the local rickshaw driver drinks a drink called Krating Daeng (Thai meaning "Red Bull").

So he also went to the pharmacy to buy the drink, and after drinking it was lost fatigue. Later, Matt Hitz went to Hong Kong and learned that functional beverages are very popular in Asia. Suddenly he seemed to have met great business opportunities and gradually gained the thought of pushing Red Bull on markets outside of Asia.

So he and founder of Thai Red BullXu ShubiaoIt was a hit, each investing 500,000 US dollars, and founded Red Bull, which is responsible for the Asian market and the European market.

Matt Hitz accepts an interview and reminds of Red Bull's birth

But, although Matt Hitz's idea was very good, European consumers did not like this new drink from Asia first, and the European Red Bull had adversities just after it began.

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