Tuesday , July 27 2021

"Painting the Spirit" started, the wonderful pencil "painting" at the hand of a hair – Xianning Net

Original title: Youku HAO is planning "painting spirit" to start the beautiful pen "painting" in the touch of a hair

Recently, the online movie film "Drawing Spirits" was in a launch ceremony in Tianjin. Director Mark, with Fan Jiaqi, Cheng Yeqing, Yano Koji and so on.

The film uses the suspensive "manga death" as a clue to gradually reveal the mysterious veil of the master's painting, breaking the second set of barriers and making the audience shine.

Fantasy pencil tension chases high energy history reversal

"Drawing Spiritual Master" mainly tells about Xia Qiu (Cheng Yiqing), a successor to the painting master. He accidentally discovered that his work has brought different strange and horrible cases to the real world. When Aqiu was scared he protected his paintings. Zhang Xiaofeng (Fan Jiaqi) went to the side of Xia Qiu in the fate of the event. The two continued to look for the truth in the real world and the series and pursued the masters paintings. They discovered this while they grew up. Everything is inextricably linked to the editor of comic magazine, He Yuhuai (Yoneo Hiroyuki) …

The film contains a variety of elements that are loved by young people, such as secondary elements, excitement, imagination and love. The plotters reverse and burn the brain. It is not just the case of supernatural phenomena with secrets that attract human attention, but it also breaks the wall of the dimension. The reality of the scenes in the movie changes with the series. The two worlds interact with each other to show the mysterious world of the mystery and the painting spirit. The teacher focuses on the good and evil human nature, greedy wishes and brave goodness intertwined and promotes values ​​to punish evil and promote goodness, to stimulate the deep thinking of the audience.

Help Youku HAO plans to build a web content HAO Ecology

Behind the scenes in "Drawing Master" are all joined by the Line Masters team. Director, photography and art have many years of experience in the film industry, and there is also a well-known Japanese actor, Yano Koji, who laid a solid foundation for creating a film film. In addition, "Drawing Spirits" is one of Youku HAO's quality projects. The HAO program is jointly initiated by Youku, Ali and Alibaba Pictures to bring together training programs and film incubator programs launched by Ali Entertainment. AlkuBaba Pictures provides open marketing support from project funding, reporting, authorization and integrated marketing, and allows the film to provide an open IP. Duku provides an open networking platform. Learning to connect to a movie is just the starting point for IP link development. Follow-up leads to more collaboration and resources, high-quality networking films help open channels and theater products and create products in the HAO state.

"Drawing Spirit" is produced by Youku and Upp Culture, Ali Literature, Ali Films, Yiyi Media, Yingying Huiying, Playing Movies, Small Tablets, Zhitang Film, Shanghai New Culture, Netherfly Movies and TV, Hualu New Media, World View and Huiying Culture jointly produced and will meet with the audience at Youku Platform.

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