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National People's Congress's Standing Committee for the Prevention of Pollution of Laws for Defense Forces. A meeting was held. Li Zhanshu arranged and delivered a speech – Xinhua Net

The National People's Congress Standing Committee on the Water Pollution Convention

Listen to the stated inspection report, Li Zhanshu presided and stressed

To form the overall joint effort for the NPC work to promote the full and effective implementation of the law

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, June 30 (Reporter Chen Fei) National People's Congress Standing Committee Water Pollution Prevention Law Surveillance Inspection Group held a meeting on the 30th to hear the report of the Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee. Li Zhanshu, member of the Standing Committee of the KPC Central Committee's Political Bureau and Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, stressed the need to carefully study and implement Secretary-General Xi Jinp's key thinking on maintaining and improving the people's congressional system and focusing on the struggle against pollution and form a whole NPC work. Together, we will jointly promote the decision-making and deployment of the party's central committee and the implementation of laws and regulations.

From the end of March to June of this year, the Standing Committee on the People's Congress of the People's Convention on Water Pollution and Control to the eight provinces attended the inspections and assigned 23 permanent, provincial, municipal and municipal congressional committees to inspect the implementation of laws in their respective administrative regions. . At the information meeting, the person responsible for the Standing Committee of the Provincial People Congress, who was entrusted with inspecting, reported the inspection. Check the group members while listening to the notes, learn more and exchange experiences. Li Zhanshu said that all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities attach great importance to the law enforcement law on water pollution and control. According to the party committee, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress closely follows the legal provisions, follows the problem orientation, dares to touch the real situation, explores innovative ways and methods, and deepen the search for the impact of legislation. The outstanding problems that limit the development of work and damage the interests of the masses, promote the reform of the border and the reform of the bank and achieve better results.

Li Zhanshu pointed out that from the perspectives entrusted to inspections, all premises have thoroughly studied and implemented Xi Jinpisi's Ecological Civilization Thoughts, conscientiously conducted the Party Central Committee's decision-making arrangements and laws and regulations on ecological protection and have a more coherent thinking, deeper understanding and more work in the fight against prevention of pollution and control. There is a strong effort to promote control of water pollution, improvement of the aquatic environment and water ecological restoration in accordance with the law. The law enforcement inspections have found that places where prevention and control of water is polluted better, are often places where legal implementation is relatively in place, there are prominent problems at work and is largely related to the fact that the statutory provisions are not strictly applicable. It is necessary to make the law prescribe a clause and a clause, and let the teeth of the justice system "bite" heavily and use legal weapons to combat the battle of clear water.

Li Zhanshu stressed that the NPC and its Standing Committee have an important responsibility in the prevention and control of water pollution, and they must exercise legislative and regulatory powers by law. It is necessary to further strengthen the local legislative work, give full attention to the benefits of small cuts, distinctiveness, precise refinement and strong operation of local legislation as well as weaving and weaving of water pollution prevention and ecological environmental protection systems. It is necessary to intensify the monitoring work, improve the effectiveness of controls and exercise the rigorous role of the judiciary in ensuring effective enforcement of laws and regulations. Representatives of congresses at all levels should actively participate in, understand the implementation of the law, actively reflect people's desires and contribute to the prevention of water pollution and ecological environmental protection. The NPC and local people's congresses should work closely together and strengthen work coordination. They should focus on the key issues of reform, development, stability and people's vital interests and do a good job in law and oversight to improve the overall effectiveness of the work of the People's Congress.

Wang Chen, Shen Yueyue and Ding Zhongli, Deputy Chairman of the National People Congress Standing Committee, attended the meeting.

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