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Maradona: those who had stories with Diego during those years from 1960 to 2020 Chinese news

Maradona, 1960-2020, those who had stories with Diego during those years

Early in the morning of November 26, Beijing time, the Argentine football star Diego Maradona suffered a cardiac arrest at home and unfortunately died at the age of 60 after the rescue failed. Diego goes west, the world is sad. In the history of football for more than a hundred years, he has lost one of the most talented, maverick, red and black existences. How many people love him, so many hate him.

During Diego’s 60 years as a player, coach and fan, managers, opponents, friends and successors who have crossed his life countless times can describe a more comprehensive and real Diego from their respective perspectives. .

Written by Yang Jian, Data Collection, Beijing News Reporter Xu Bangyin

1 Bilardo’s most trusted old boss

Who is the coach who can best play Maradona’s genius, or who can be the best to quell the rebellious Diego? Carlos Vilardo, nicknamed “Big Nose”, does his part.

Unlike Maradona, who was born in a ruthless background, no matter how sunny or snowy it was during the teaching period, Bilardo is always dressed in a suit and leather shoes and is more like an elegant academic.

As soon as Bilardo took over, Maradona was established as the absolute tactical core. The Argentine team’s tactic, in a nutshell: leave the crime to captain Maradona, and the rest of the team will keep the goal.

During the 1986 World Cup, Maradona not only scored goals and assists, but also trivial issues as the color of the away team uniform was chosen by the team, he was full of leadership. From 1983 to 1990, Vilardo and Maradona worked sincerely together for 7 years and started the highest peak of Argentine football with 1 World Cup and 1 Asia.

Of course, there is only one Maradona, and there are certainly not many Bilardos.

As a coach who has trained Maradona the longest, Bilardo almost goes with Maradona. After the end of the seven years of collaboration with the national team, the two worked together with Boca Juniors in Seville for 9 years, almost over the top of Maradona.

Twelve years ago, Maradona did not lose the invitation of the Argentine Football Federation. When he took over the national team for the first time, Bilardo, who was used to the big stage, was invited by his old subordinates to serve as national team sports director. But with the Argentine team defeating South Africa, the two people who had spent countless honeymoons eventually inevitably had a rift between each other.

It is really embarrassing that the master and the apprentice went from being in love with father and son to being a stranger, but after many years, the parties have handled their complaints indifferently.

When asked who was better than Maradona and Messi last year, Raldo did not hesitate, “Messi has realized more talent, but Maradona’s talent is obviously higher.”

Messi’s most reliable successor

“For all Argentines and footballers, this is a very sad day. He left us but did not leave, because Diego is eternal.” After hearing the news of Lao Ma’s death for the first time, Messi wrote emotionally on social media.

Over the past 40 years, the journey to search for and make the gods the “next Diego” has been repeated countless times in Ortega, Aimar, Dale Sandro and others. So far, Messi may be the closest to ending this tension, but it continues to spread.

In age, Messi is the nephew of Maradona. When it comes to careers, Messi and Maradona have too many in common. They also joined the club’s first team in 17 years, led the team to win the world championship and also completed “God’s hand” and “Lian”. “Over five people”, even during the green years due to intrusion into the opponents, ate the first red card in the national team career … But in a longer dimension, Maradona Messi is the life reference and also hangs over her head. An inevitable topic. In this regard, the unspoken Messi has long hoped to end the comparison, “I will play for another million years, and I will not reach the Diego level.”

For the younger generations, Maradona, who has always been tough, has almost never acknowledged that Messi surpassed him, even though Messi at club level is already almost perfect.

What’s even more incredible is that the two between 2008 and 2010 actually completed a World Cup trip as coaches and players. Unfortunately, the old horse, who has played most of his coaching career, did not “spark” with Messi in the only serious.

During the qualifiers, it was the 35-year-old “crazy” Palermo who saved the horse from the fire. The highlights of the World Cup were Tevez and Higuain. Messi, who gave up 0 goals and 0 assists, got 5 The worst performance of the World Cup trip, especially in connection with the Golden Ball 4 in a row, this contrast is particularly striking.

But Maradona still has some presents for Messi. During the two years of collaboration, Maradona has personally shown how Messi takes a free kick more than once, and the latter has added a terrifying weapon during the second half of his career. Maradona’s support for Messi has not changed even after he was removed from the national team coach.

In Russia two years ago, Maradona contributed the most emojis to Messi in the stands. From witnessing Messi’s missed penalty shootout, the frustration was overwhelming, to the prayers and wild cries from Argentina’s life-and-death struggle against Nigeria. A true horse for temperament spectators, although he failed to get the Argentine team to change his destiny, he did Pan. Paz Legion’s tragic journey adds another thick ink.

The short-lived cooperation between the two “did not spark sparks”, but the lonely and arrogant king of the world praised the younger generation as he in the purest and most sincere ways during the last years of his life.

3 Matthaus’ biggest opponent

Just a month and a half before Maradona’s death, German football stars such as Beckenbauer, Klinsmann, Bremer, Waller and Organtaler gathered in Tuscany, Italy, to celebrate the 1990 30th anniversary of the World Cup. They beat Argentina in the final with Maradona.

At that time, the tactical core and leader of the Germanic chariot was exactly Mateus, who was only six months younger than the old horse. From the national team to the club, the two people who have fought against each other at the peak of their careers can be called the “light of the moment” around the 1990s.

Without Diego, Matthew is clearly the brightest star in the 1986 World Cup. In the 1/8 final, Mateus made a free kick to kill Morocco; in the 1/4 final against hosts Mexico, he struck a solid hit in the third penalty design. But in the final against Maradona’s inseparable Mateus, even though he did not let the former score directly, he still could not stop Diego’s fatal pass to Bruchaga.

Although from two continents, the confrontation between the two continued from the World Cup to Serie A. In 1988, Matthaus moved to Inter Milan and formed the “German Troika” with teammates Bremer and Klinsmann. Before that, Naples under Maradona became the new Serie A king.

At that time, Naples was extremely enthusiastic about football, especially Maradona, and São Paulo Stadium, which could accommodate 85,000 people, was packed all year round.

But Matthaus’ arrival changed everything. During the 1988-1989 season, Inter Milan won the Serie A championship. Although Naples were crowned again during the 1989-1990 season, the Nerazzurri, who won the Italian Super Cup, still kept pressure on their opponents.

In the World Cup that summer, the “two horses” met again in the final, but the result was very different than 4 years ago, although Mateus, who claimed to have “loose strings”, did not take the penalty that determined the result of the game. But after the defeat, Diego, who was in tears, went wild in the microphone: “FIFA and all the judges are mafia.”

In the award ceremony of the first world football player in 1991, FIFA’s highest honor was awarded to Matthew, not Maradona.

4 Peter Hilton’s Sadest “Background Cards”

“The first goal, he insulted God, but it must be acknowledged that when the second goal occurred, he was God.” 34 years later, when Maradona went west, almost the rest of his life. Peter Hilton, who all lives in the shadow of “God’s hand”, finally let go of his obsession with “enemies”.

During the 1986 World Cup, the Anglo-Arab War was of strategic importance to the Pampas Army Summit, and it was not as good as the semi-finals and finals thereafter. But after the Anglo-Marathon war 4 years ago, this narrow meeting made too much sense in addition to the game since the settlement. Maradona, who was in the eyes of the storm, looked light and windy on the surface.

At that time, the whole of England placed their hopes of winning on captain Peter Hilton. Although the legendary Everton goddess was 37 years old, he was still the mainstay of the three lions.

After the somewhat flat first half, the second half opened just 5 minutes, the England team’s unintentional error became the turning point in the game, Maradona suddenly went in and Hilton struggled to get this far-sighted back pass. Hilton in the penalty area looked at the old horse, who was almost 20 centimeters shorter than himself, sent the ball to the bottom of the net with a hidden left shot.

It does not need to be said what happened next, but Maradona scored five World Cup goals in a row. Hilton, who has been humiliated twice by Maradona, has spent the rest of his life struggling with “God’s hand”, “He is a good player, but to me he is not worthy of respect.”

When we talked about VAR’s misjudgment in the Premier League last year, Hilton resolutely insisted, “His (Maradona) cheating destroyed England’s team. If there was VAR in the 1986 World Cup, it would be great!”

5 Caniggia’s most faithful “disciple”

25 years ago, at Ajia Stadium, the candy box stadium can often see a blushing heartbeat scene. No. 10, which was dyed with blonde hair, sent a straight plug, and No. 7 with the same blonde hair was easily by the goalkeeper after getting the ball and hit the empty goal. After the goal, No. 7 rushed forward at No. 10, took the later blessed round face and kissed the latter thick lips.

At that time, the two people, with an average age of 32, performed the passionate “Twilight Love”. It is Maradona and his most enlightened teammate Caniggia who challenge the football defender to bear the final result.

During the 1990 World Cup, the two men, who were 7 years apart, went to destroy the city. When the wounded old horse was trapped in a heavy siege, it was Kanigia who “broke out” over and over again and sealed his neck with a sword. In the 1/8 final, the former enemy Brazil was shot down, and Maradona, who was surrounded by four people, sent a deadly crooked plug. The unguarded Caniggia completed the lore and became the deepest pain of the Samba army at the end of the last century.

As Diego the most trusted comrade-in-arms and most loyal disciple, Caniggia’s curtain call somewhat resembles Lao Ma. When he was eliminated by Romania in the 1/8 final of the 1994 World Cup, Maradona could only look away from the use of illicit drugs. He cried in Claudia’s arms. In the 2002 World Cup, “The Son of the Wind” was invited to the stands to accuse the referee. He, who did not make any appearances during his trip to Japan and South Korea, lit a cigarette in the stands …

When the bad news came about Diego’s death, “Son of the Wind” who had prayed for Maradona earlier, just a few words on social media, “Rest in peace, my brother.” The picture of saying goodbye to his best friend was Die. Gothic black and white photo.

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