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Liao media: Guangdong 15 consecutive victories have a substitute for Liao basketball work less surprises – Sports News


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Liaoning Daily News last season led the Liaoning men's basketball team once more, but the status of the big players is hard to call the best, Hudson, Guo Ailun performance is very upside down, bath has not fully integrated into the team, injured Li Xiaoxu, who returns, is still in the recovery period. Compared to the same period last season, although the Liao basket is only tied to third place, the main players have been in good condition, Hudson, Bass, Han Dejun and Guo Ailun have become More stable points, except that Zhao Jiwei has not returned to the team, the current layout of the Liao basket is no worse than any strong team in the league.

Liao media: Guangdong 15 game winning streak has a replacement for a job. Liao basketball less surprise

Liao baskets in the morning in the game against the North Control team. Our reporter Sun Haitao

But if a higher standard is required, Liao Basket's bench requires more support from the team. In the horizontal comparison, the Guangdong team can start a 15-player winning line. In the positions, bench players also have a credit. They do not say that Wang Saikai and Zeng Fanri are "second-year citizens", even though they have just been promoted to a team. Young players like Du Runwang and Xu Jie also began to move towards the center of the arena. This should not be wasted by the "eight crowns" strong talents. The Beijing team, which has the same record as the Liao Basket, has played a wave of nine-match winning strike in the absence of several major players. Zhang Cairen has made major contributions. This is a substitute who has worked hard for a stable playing time in recent seasons. Now it has grown into a defensive player who can be alone. In comparison, the surprise at the Liao basket bench is not without, just a little less.

After winning the championship, the Liaoning men's basketball team retained the absolute stability of the set-up. The new face in true sense is just a person who has just entered the first team. Since the Liao basket was recruited by the national team this summer, the handcuffs could participate in a series of warming games including the Zadar Championship. Progress is very obvious. In the opening phase of the regular season, the handcuffs also had a certain amount of performance. Even when the team suffered from the most serious injuries they even went to the spin line. In conclusion, despite the lack of experience in the handcuffs, he is very difficult in the game. When he has the opportunity to shoot, he will never be soft. He sees the legacy of the Liao basketball defender. This is especially valuable for a young player who has never appeared in a CBA class.

In addition, there is a "new person" in the Liao Basket team, which is Gao Shiyan who returned from the Jilin team in advance to the rental period. Did not join the championship last season, so Gao Shiyan hopes a lot to prove himself this season. Judging from the previous match, Gao Shiyan is not enough stable in the offensive end, and it's easy to make some mistakes in the game, but his performance at the defensive end is remarkable. So far this season, Gao Shiyan has played 13 games. Although, on average, only 4.5 points per game, he can send 3.4 using 1.7 steals. It's not hard to see its potential as an excellent puncture. It is particularly worth mentioning that Gao Shiyan has taken responsibility for marking the other side's little foreign aid in many games, which meant he fought for six crimes in three of the 13 rounds. Gao Shiyan always fights with high spirits from the game's point of view, although there are mistakes and mistakes, it is not deterred. This characterizes that although the Liao basket welcomes all major forces, Gao Shiyan will still be an indispensable member of the team.

Yang Ming, Cong Mingchen and other substitutes in the first phase are equally remarkable. Both the crime and the defense have helped the team a lot. The Liao basket can surely pass the toughest part of the game since its inception. And they can stay in the top four positions in the positions, they can not do without their contributions. But the usual season is a long process, and it is a good practical exercise for the playoffs. If the Liao basket bench can stand up more "smart soldiers" or develop more skills, For the team it will be very beneficial.

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