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Last year, the National Arts Federation issued 14 art films to give, promote and enhance space on the balcony – Financial news

Last year, the National Arts Federation issued 14 art films to provide and promote room for improvement.

Each reporter Bi Yuanyuan Wen Menghua Each edited You Yi

"The long time is long", "There is a cloud in the wind", "Spring", "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Green Book", "Balcony" … With March and April released a group of literary films. Some "literary films collectively in the spring" mean.

Compared to the number of "live", literary and artistic films are still not ideal at the cashier's office. According to the cat's eye data, "Guan Jiu Tian Chang" has a cash office of 44 million yuan, "out of the balcony" is less than 4 million yuan and "spring" is less than 10 million yuan. Right now that the domestic cash office has exceeded 60 billion yuan, the collection cost of literary and art films is inevitably a bit embarrassing.

For a long time, it has been a long-term problem to seek more commercial value for literary and art films. Although in the exploration of "crossing the river by knowing the stones", many art films are trying to attract more common audience groups to watch art films in a more commercial and grounded way, but at the same time it has caused a lot of controversy.

On the afternoon of April 15, Huang Qunfei, the first deputy director general of Huaxia Film Distribution Company, presented the 9th International Film Festival in Beijing, Cai Gongming, CEO of Roadster Film and Television. The chairman of the Beijing Polymer Film Association Culture, Wu Sheng, participated in "Road Picnic", "Heart Labyrinth", "The Last Night of the Earth" and other films. Beijing He Rui Pictures General Manager Tian Hao, Zhuo Ran Film Chairman Zhang Jin and other industry people again Explore the boundaries of the art film. The current art film faces more than just torture at the box office.

Fine art filings are smaller and fine

From beginning to now, with over 3,000 theaters and 3,700 franchise screens, the National Art Filming Alliance has been exploring art films for three years.

On the forum, Li Jie, senior vice president of Ali Films, provided a set of data on art films. In 2018, the National Arts Federation released 14 art films, of which 6 exceeded 8 points and the seasonal increase for the letters was 143 percent. The number of people looked at has doubled. As for the audience, 25-year-old ticket buyers are 8% higher than commercial film groups. In 2018, art films have a maximum of 17 tickets per person.

It is undeniable that after three years of exploration and development of the National Art Film Alliance, with market segmentation and audience maturity, the cake of art film becomes gradually larger.

"Since the establishment of the National Art Film Screening Alliance, 80 films have been screened in the form of special screenings, joint screenings and film festivals. Currently, the special online film cashier's office has reached 94,500 million yuan." As the National Art Film Projection Alliance Sun Xianghui, Head of China Film Archive, said.

However, the exploration is intended to be a process for harvesting results and detecting problems. From the supply point of view, there is still room for improvement of art films in terms of film selection and distribution.

According to Huang Qunfei, who is in the first line of the show, many find it a good movie regardless of art and commercial films, but actually "Three Billboards" and "Bohemian Rhapsody" are not a typical art movie. "When the species screening alliance started, it would be very beneficial to display such a film to expand the species screening alliance's influence and attract the audience. But in the future, we must move to the domestic cheap movie.

In the range of art films, Lumiye founder Hu Qiming shares the same view. In his view, with the introduction of more high-quality art films, the function of the theater will be better and better. "Just like opening a restaurant, there are many tasteful choices, not only in Hollywood, but also in movies from countries such as France and Italy. These also have markets in the audience."

It is worth noting that Huang Qunfei also gives thoughts and suggestions on the number of cinemas in the current National Art Film Projection Alliance. "There are too many theaters, but the number of viewers is not that much. Art films are always niche films, so the theater lacks loyalty. It is recommended that the National Film Art Alliance begin this year to sharpen those who are very loyal to art films. enough to hold a few hundred. Don't be proud of the cinema, it's smaller and more refined. "

Xuanfa cannot spread at once

Commercial films call for cash registers, while art films often express a desire for name or creator.

But the same is that they have to find ways to invite their audience to the cinema. "Avengers 4" a poster, a trailer can be good looking, art film to go the way is much harder, also testing the art movie message.

"The current publicity is still relatively routine." Huang Qunfei believes that Xuanfa is a link to invite viewers into the theater, and there is no big difference between commercials, but it should be noted that art films cannot be used in similar commercial films. The agent to spread out immediately.

For example, he said there are two types of art movie messages in the United States. One is to use oral language and comments to expand slowly. The second is that art films have little or no fee, so regular offline messages are needed. It is good to tie a video page because of the need for accurate large data.

The selection of the schedule is also considered an important factor by the issuer. The major schedules such as the National Day and Spring festivals rarely have the existence of literary films. On the contrary, in March and April on the market, there were some types of films such as "Long Time" and "Balcony".

"I don't think it's too much to pay attention to the issue of the movie release." Wu Sheng believes that watching movies is also very important. The mood to watch movies is often inseparable from the current policy. The penetration of politics and the breadth of publicity will give the atmosphere to look at major changes.

Cai Gongming, who successfully introduced the Japanese literary film "The Thief Family" last year, responded to the most realistic issue: how to consider the commercial nature of art films, investors are reluctant to lose and art films are not a product of the self-proclaimed Xuanfa is that expand the audience, how to "get out of the circle".

According to Cai Gongm's vision, art films should not succeed at the cashier's office as soon as they come up. The loyal fans, the directors, the film itself and the fans' feelings and emotions must be carefully grasped. Otherwise, it is difficult to spread when the audience is injured. Oral words, while the literary film is a word of mouth film, you need these people to send words to mouth, so before you think of "out of the circle", the task is the core of the service number.


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