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Lakers open season problems, James offensive teams are less effective – Sports News


Original title: The Lakers have many problems during the opening period.

On November 5, after the Lakers lost the Raptors, Beijing became even more disappointed by the Lakers achievements. The Lakers got a class of Raptors at both ends of the floor. It is worth noting that the Los Angeles Lakers offensive efficiency was even higher during the first 10 games during the regular season when the team's super little forward LeBron James was on the bench.

When LeBron James was present, the Lakers offensive score was 113.4 points. But when LeBron is on the bench, the team's offensive effectiveness will rise to 121.6 points. The gap before is not too small. Since the start of the game, the Lakers have 4 victories and 6 losses, which have been lower than the expectations of people before the start of the season, is defeating Raptors to make home team fans very unhappy. Since the start of the game, the Lakers have an average of 118.9 points per game and ranked third in the NBA, but at the same time they have an average 120.0 points per game and defensive points in the league. LeBron James is the best basketball player in the world today. It's too early to draw conclusions for the Lakers this season. It's only a small selection of 10 games, but it has shocked the entire league.

Interestingly, the Lakers became more efficient when LeBron was not in court. When LeBron is sitting on the bench, there will be more ball shifts and people driving on the track. Although James is good he has a tendency to control the ball at the offensive end. When he takes the situation from the outside and observes the situation on the pitch, the ball is stagnant. This tactic has worked in the east, but it is not easy to succeed in the West because the defense of the Western team is more aggressive.

With the growth of LeBron James Lakers, the team can slowly get better, and Lakers offensive points are likely to increase. According to reports, "Magic" Johnson and coach Luke Walton had a meeting recently and the two had a heated discussion. "Magic" asked Wharton to do better on crime. Only time will tell if these changes will help the Lakers win more matches in the tough West.Go back to Sohu and see more

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