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Jietu X70S officially noted, the price is 7.69-12.79 million yuan_New car listing_ 极速 侠 ​​_ 财经 网 – CAIJING.COM.CN

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On the morning of November 26th, an earthquake occurred in magnitude 6 near the Taiwan Strait, and Xiamen also felt a strong sense of earthquake. Even this day, the second model of Chery Holdings Jietu, Jietu X70S, was launched.

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The new car is placed as "Brigade Smart SUV". It has launched 8 models of manual and automatic power combination. It has 6 colors with glacier white, beach gold, aurorablue, volcanic red, orange and tan. It has 5, 6 and 5 +2 three places, the price range is 7.69-12.79 million.


Chery Jietu promises that users who purchase X70S can equip with car networks, get 2 years of free traffic, up to 6,000 yuan loan interest subsidy, 2000 yuan replacement subsidy, lifetime free road rescue, 10 years / 200,000 kilometers long warranty, six Great value for money.


Let me talk about some highlights in the new car. Appearance-trended and dynamic in one star-sized air intake grille highlights trend and sporty temperament, featuring 10.25 inch intelligent floating-screen, 12.3-inch LCD dashboard, in line with the current young consumer aesthetics and 1.1m2 panoramic illumination, rear installation Privacy glass. In terms of body size, 4750mm cargo and 1910mm car width are in the leading position in the same class.


With regard to intelligent configuration, the new car is equipped with a smart starter engine, which can be selected with a start or mobile keychain educational startup system. 360 degree panoramic parking, real-time vehicle status query, vehicle placement and tracking query. In addition, the new car is also equipped with Vehicle Alarm Identification Warning System, Rear Assist / Rear Collision Warning, Collision Warning System for Front Mount Radar Monitoring and Other Configurations to Ensure Drive Safety.

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The new car continues to operate with a 1.5T engine with a maximum power of 147 hp and a peak of 210 Nm, which matches a 5-speed manual or 8-speed manual gearbox.

It is understood that Jietu is a new product sequence that Chery Holding Group has adapted to the development of households population development, consumer spending structure, normalization of leisure tourism and youthful target groups to meet consumer demand for quality life. Jietu established the positioning of the "Travel +" market segment.

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At the event, Bao Siyu, Deputy Director General of Chery Holdings Group and Jietu General Manager, Jietu Travel + Cloud Platform, released, allowing customers to participate through the five dimensions Zhiyan, Zhizhi, Zhifa, Zhifu and Zhixing. Throughout the lifecycle of products like R & D, manufacturing, sales, service and car, we enjoy the life of a wagon.

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Currently, Jietu has built 1,398 networks to purchase users with different channels and smart cars. It will build 50 km of cars and use rims to experience the involvement of infected customers, build an ecosystem layer, strengthen the interactive sharing, and allow customers to enjoy full participation.

Li Xueyong, head of the Jietu Marketing Center, said that in 2018, 40,000 cars will be perfect and the sales target for 2019 will be 150,000. Jetway starts with two cores. First, the Jietu "Travel +" strategy has been upgraded from 1.0 to 2.0, enriching the "Travel +" product configuration and exclusive rights for the added value customer system. The second is Jietu Smart New Retail 1.0 Upgrade 2.0, which complements full-scale sales coverage for online and offline AI intelligence, powered by large data to improve product and service experience.

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