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Huawei's ultimate survival time released three letters: time will reveal the mask of hypocrisy – Huawei Huawei

Trump's presidential decree doubted Huawei to the limit of survival. Although Huawei had long anticipated and prepared, today's arrival was still the Chinese! In this context, Huawei issued three letters in succession. One is for all Huawei's employees and was issued by the rotating chairman Hu Houkun. The letter said: "The time will reveal the masking of hypocrisy, and the sun will shine after the blind. Please strengthen your self-confidence, do your job well and continue to fight. Any difficulties and difficulties cannot prevent us from moving forward."

One is a letter to customers around the world, the letter said "Huawei has established a series of rigorous and effective continuity control systems to ensure that most of Huawei's products continue to serve our customers under extreme conditions."

The third is an internal letter sent to employees of He Tingbo, president of Huawei Haisi. He Tingbo believes that the time for scientific independence is here, "Today is the choice of history. All the spare tires we have built have turned to "right" overnight!"

Pure Zhengfei said itThe ups and downs of the sea are far from any previous era!


a letter to the employee


A letter to customers around the world

I think you've noticed that the US Department of Commerce BIS (Industry and Security Bureau) has just announced that Huawei will be listed as a "list of entities". All goods covered by the BIS US Export Administration Regulations (EAR) are exported, re-exported or exported to Huawei. A license must be obtained for domestic transfers.

Huawei opposes the decision of the US Department of Commerce's Industry and Security Bureau (BIS). Huawei sends this letter to customers around the world to inform everyone that Huawei has established a rigorous and efficient continuity control system to ensure that most of Huawei's products continue to serve our customers under extreme conditions. Huawei will immediately seek relief and solutions for this issue and take any positive action to reduce the impact of this incident. Please contact your local Huawei team for details.

Over the past 30 years, we have established good relationships with customers in more than 170 countries around the world, and we are fortunate to have your trust and support. On this special occasion, we also hope to share the difficulties with our global customers.

Thanks again for your continued support!


A letter from President Haisi to employees

Dear colleagues from the elevator:

At this time, it is estimated that you have been informed that Huawei is listed in the US Department of Commerce's Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) listing.

Many years ago, in the cloudless season, the company adopted an extreme survival. It is expected that one day, all the advanced chips and technologies in the United States will not be available, and Huawei will continue to serve customers. For this assumption, which never thought to happen, thousands of Haisi children have started the most tragic long march in the history of science and technology and created a "prepared tire" for the company's survival. Thousands of days and nights, we have a brilliant night and a hard journey. Huawei's product field is so large, the technology and the units used are so different. We have failed many times, confused, but never give up on thousands of scientific and technical issues.

Later in the years when we gradually got into confusion we saw the hope and inevitably lost and reluctant, worried that many chips will never be activated, becoming an extra tire that has been pushed into the safe.

Today's annual ring turns to this border and the dark moment, superpower has immediately interrupted the technical and industrial system of global cooperation, made the most crazy decision, Huawei put into the company under unforeseen circumstances. A list of devices.

Today is the choice of history. All the spare tires we have built have become "positive" overnight! Over the years, we have fulfilled our commitment to the company's continuous service. Yes, these efforts have been constantly linked and the madness is overwhelming, ensuring the strategic security of most of the company's products and continuous delivery of most products! Today, this is the dark day of the day when every ordinary child of Hess became the hero of the age!

Huawei is determined to convey the digital world to everyone, all families, every organization and build a smart world of the Internet for everything. We continue to do so. In order to realize this ideal, in the future we must not only maintain open innovation but also achieve technical self-confidence! In the future, there will be no other decade to build a spare tire and then change tires. The buffer zone has disappeared. Every new product will be born and it must synchronize the plan "Scientific and technical self-confidence".

The way forward is even more difficult. We will use our courage, wisdom and perseverance to stand upright under the boundary and strive to move forward! The sky is full of heroes and the difficulties are hard to throw Noah's Ark.

Han Tingbo

Early morning, May 17, 2019

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