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Hainan launched the "eight strict project" to win the anti-drug war – national outstanding criminal law cases, legal daily leadership leadership, five legal daily


Hainan launched the "eight strict project" to win anti-drug war
Jumping from 21 to 5, just two years in the national leaders

□ Our reporter Xing Dongwei Xiao Xiaogong

The number of crime cases in the province fell by 23.06% compared to the previous year, and the number of cases of violation decreased by 30.54% compared to the previous year, of which the robbery fell by 53.85% and robbery fell by 66.78%. These achievements were achieved thanks to Hainan Province since November 8, 2016. The commission and provincial government organized an unusual three-year anti-drug conference war.

The legal daily reporter recently learned from the Hainan Provincial Drug Control Office, Hainan has launched a war on drug control around the eight-star project over the past two years. Provincial Party Secretary Liu Cigui and Governor Shen Xiaoming promoted the high level. Li Jun, deputy secretary of the provincial party committee, was personally arrested, Liu Xingtai, member of the Standing Committee of the Standing Committee and the Political and Legal Committee and Fan Huaping, Deputy Governor and General Security Department, specifically arrested the people. The awareness of drug control among the people improved considerably, the number of casualties dropped significantly and social security improved significantly. Hainan jumped from the 21st year 2015 to 5th 2017 in the National elite for anti-drug work in 2018 and entered the national elite. It was approved and confirmed by the two main leaders of the Ministry of Public Security.

"Five Level Party and Government"

In the afternoon of November 30 this year, Li Jun went to Hainan Provincial Drug Control Office to investigate and arrange the deployment of key features and strive to achieve the national anti-drug assessment "Guarantee Four Disputes Three" goals. It is understood that the Hainan Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government have taken the three-year battle to win the anti-drug campaign as the practical action to implement the spirit of the important instructions for the existing Secretary-General Jin Ping, as the "top ranking" project, the focus is high and the campaign is great. And the guarantee of investment has never been more.

To this end, Liu Cigui and Shen Xiaoming made important instructions on anti-drug work more than 20 times. Li Jun served as General Commander for the three-year anti-drug conference. Liu Xingtai and Fan Huaping held several special conferences to study and distribute. At present, the strong promotion of Hainan Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government, Cities, County (Cities), Townships (Streets) and Villages (Residential) has promoted the anti-drug conference as the primary task of comprehensive management of social security and board members in municipal anti-drug committees, the County Administrative Board served as the lead leader for the first command line and the monitoring, and the province formed a "five-level party and government" to understand the drug control pattern.

Antibody work is a systematic project, and it can not be invoked by the police. Hainan assumes departmental and systemic operations to form a three-dimensional, versatile and full-chain work mechanism.

The reporter noted that in order to establish a unified common operational command system that matches operational requirements, the General Assembly has specifically established a command association. Each project in the "Eight Stränga Project" has identified the management department and thereby established a subcommittee to fulfill responsibility for the people. The order is uniform and consistent. In addition, Li Jun established a regular meeting to establish the effective operation of the dispatching operational mechanism, the implementation of "monthly planning, quarterly summary" work system. Establish a step-by-step implementation of the operational model around the overall goal and develop a detailed timeline and roadmap.

"eight strict projects" are toxic

"Over the last two years, the entire province has focused on decomposition, rigor, strict blocking, strict collection, strict management, strict training, strict pricing and strict compliance with the eight strict projects to carry out the anti-drug campaign." Director of the Provincial Anti-Drug Office and Deputy Head of Public Security Department Liu Haizhi said that the first step is to open the road and fight it.

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