Monday , August 8 2022

Google starts opening the AI ​​subscription service for a small number of Pixel mobile users – Duplex


At the six-month I / O conference, Google announced the use of AI to help you book a restaurant. Google Duplex, according to VentureBeat, has begun to open for limited Pixel mobile phone users. In a statement, Google said that it "slowly launches" the service and currently supports "small parts" of Google Pixel mobile phone users. Additionally, users can also use Duplex to call restaurants that do not work with Google.

As stated in the statement, the service currently supports a very limited range – first, you must be Pixel users, and second, you can only book a restaurant (the hair and beauty reserves shown at the conference are currently unavailable), not all The restaurant supports this service. In addition, there are restrictions on the use of languages ​​(English) and support areas.

It is unclear how long it takes for the service to break through these limits. Since Google registers all Duplex call content, the company can currently collect a large amount of important usage data.

With Google Duplex, users can choose the meeting function to allow the Assistant to automatically call the business and report information such as number of people, date and time. However, some merchants are unwilling to accept Duplex's reservations so that Google may encounter difficulties in promoting the service in the future.

Google started opening AI Subscription Service Duplex Test Point Technology for a small number of Pixel mobile phone users.

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