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From goddess to mother, Jia Jingwen has become jealous of all! – Unrestricted information


Over the past two days, the most positive energies and romantic things are the goddess Jia Jingwen and Xiu Jie's wedding. There are three children who offer blessings. This family of five is simply enviable.

Jia Jingwen and Xiu Jiezhen were registered for marrying 2015, and were planned in Bali on November 25th.

From planning to ceremonies the dinner is very low-class. The wedding sessions are all planned by Xiu Jie and his family. Wu Tongmei sends the ring, tears, sweet and warm.

In other words, since the publication of this siege has not seen everyone, it has become increasingly popular with the public.

Because the feelings between the two are beyond words, people can feel full of love even in the pictures.

The two men go hand in hand to travel, a group of relaxed natural but full of quiet style, with the feeling of a little couple in love.

Couples that match each other are also full of fashion.

As far as the family of five is concerned, it is even more important. The well-behaved daughter and the thoughtful man come along, and many fans are happy for the happiness of Goddess.

Many say that after having received a child, they all said they had lost their lives. But when they meet a loved one, they will not only reduce their happiness to half, but will make their relationship closer.

And the goddess is happy, in his second marriage with such a happy life. Jia Jingwen said: We are already very rich! Because we have "happiness, joy and satisfaction", which no money can buy, we take all the most important parts of life in these little lives and let it slip away. So we will have the present. Life's attitude ~ take care every day, bit by piece!

Not afraid of time, not afraid to get old, because all year accompanied by lovers and children, how can you live your own Jia Jingwen can not be beautiful.

Jia Jingwen, the goddess of three women pregnant after marriage, while devoting most of her life to her family and children, she still maintains a young and girly attitude.

At the time of the event, a black or white simple dress and dress, elegant and dignified, are still as glamorous as young.

The shoulders or shoulders of the shoulders also show the inward, calm and intellectual side of Jia Jingwen's temperament.

And sometimes take a photo, it's also quiet, can hold a variety of styles. The white shirt gown with a black leather belt gives a girlish look. The black and white polka-point puff sleeve top with a single-skirt skirt is retro and full of charm. The red costume is exquisite and elegant yet without losing the atmosphere.

In the street style, Jia Jingwen is full of girls. The shape of a relaxed sports model is more youthful and beautiful.

The star artist's identity has faded, and Jia Jingwen has really lived himself. Sometimes traveling, doing manual, exercising and living a simple and calm life.

After marriage, Jia Jingwen still maintains a slim figure, so in her daily journey, the most common style is sports and leisure stockings with short woolen tops or denim, and the feet are basically sports shoes, which are very refreshing and energetic. .

Winter boots and long layers can not be smaller, because of a simple and pure overall shape, there is a strong heat.

That way, the beauty is beautiful, gloria can live and the wonderful goddess can live without it.

Send a blessing to the goddess, and wish happiness will always be with you.

Little friends, talk about the screenplay she likes most.

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