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Five questions about Apple and Qualcomm's unexpected solution – Qualcomm Qualcomm – cnBeta.COM

The two-year trial of Apple VS Qualcomm turned immediately. On the second day of the trial, the two parties announced a contractual agreement and "recalls all the two corporate lawsuits on a global level".

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As part of the settlement agreement, Apple agreed to pay Qualcomm an untapped amount. In addition, the two companies have reached a six-year global patent license agreement that can be extended for another two years. After the two sides decided and reached a cooperation, Intel announced that it would withdraw from the 5G mobile baseband market.

Foreign media TheVerge raised five questions about this accident event:

1. Why did Apple suddenly choose to settle down? Apple is preparing to compete with Qualcomm for patent rights over the past two years. Apple has retained all Qualcomm's royalties and instead used Intel's baseband on the iPhone XS, while Qualcomm has tried to ban it on big markets. Apple's "patent infringement" product sales. What happened, or what will happen, let Apple give up everything and agree to unite?

2. How did Intel consider Apple's decision? A few hours after Apple and Qualcomm announced a settlement, Intel said it would withdraw from the 5G mobile baseband. It would never be a coincidence to announce this news on the Conciliation Day. John Gruber at the DaringFireball site noted that Apple chose to reach Qualcomm's solution because it learned that Intel plans to retire from the 5G mobile base band business. Or, as Bloomberg thinks, Apple chose to join Qualcomm, and Intel decided to abandon the 5G baseband afterwards. Bloomberg's speculation means that the Intel 5G baseband cannot meet Apple's requirements.

3. What are the specific terms of the agreement? The news that Qualcomm's stock price has risen sharply, but there is still no news to decide how much Apple has paid for Qualcomm. In the future, Qualcomm's chips and patents.

4. When does the first 5G iPhone come out?

Obviously, the above case indicates that Apple is likely to release the first 5G iPhone in the near future, and Apple seems to be able to choose Qualcomm's 5G baseband model. Just five months after Apple's forthcoming iPhone release, the 5G baseband is unlikely to appear in this year's iPhone series. Bloomberg predicts that we will see Apple's first 5g phone 2020.

5. When will Apple create its own 5G mobile bass band?

Apple obviously doesn't want to rely on Qualcomm's 5G baseband to pay high patent fees. Samsung has already had a dialogue with Samsung and MTK. Huawei also said it is "open" to sell chips to Apple (although some negotiations between the two companies have not yet taken place). But in the long run, Apple can plan to develop a funded 5G baseband chip. Now that Intel is out of service it can be good to buy Intel's modem ip. Bloomberg quoted an analyst saying Apple could prepare to create its own modem in just three years.

Now, Intel announced that it will withdraw from the 5G baseband business, and Apple is likely to buy relevant Intel baseband intellectual property rights, which will be of great help.

Bloomberg quoted analyst Ben Bajarin as saying that Apple plans to build its own baseband within three years.

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