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FIFA will discuss with Qatar 2022 World Cup expansion and promote World Cup expansion plan – Sports News


Original title: FIFA will discuss with Qatar the expansion of the World Cup in 2022 and promote the World Cup expansion plan

The 15th, FIFA held a board meeting in Miami, Florida, USA and announced it will discuss World Cup expansion to 48 with 2022 World Cup host Qatar. At the same time, the main power will expand the World Cup to 24 teams in 2021.

FIFA voted in 2017 to decide that the 2026 World Cup team will be expanded from 32 to 48. However, FIFA's president Inventino has on several occasions said that he will consider expanding the Qatar World Cup 2022.

FIFA said they will immediately begin negotiations with the Qatar World Cup Organizing Committee to study the specific operations of the expansion and present a proposal for expansion to the FIFA General Assembly in June for discussion. At this meeting in Miami, FIFA discussed a feasibility study for the World Cup expansion in 2022 and suggested that the expansion of the Qatar World Cup require some games to be held in at least one neighboring country.

The FIFA Council also agreed at the meeting the same day to try to host a World Club Cup with 20 teams from different continents in 2021, after the World Club participated in the team. According to Inventino's vision, the World Club Cup will also change from once a year to four years.

Inventino said: "We hope all major clubs can participate. These teams will have a stage of achievement. We will further explore how we make it a reality."

In addition, the World Club Cup will be held from December to summer. According to FIFA's vision, the World Cup in 2021 will be held in June and July of that year.

Due to the conflict between the restructuring of the World Cup and the European Football Champions League, UEFA has opposed the expansion of the World Cup. In the Council, the European representative voted against the restructuring of the World Club Cup, but it did not work. Before the Council sent the European Football Federation a letter to FIFA, which clearly shows that it opposes any World Club restructuring plan at this stage and said that "no European law will participate in the World Cup to expand 2021".

The European Football Club Association represents 232 European football clubs. The association called on FIFA to postpone any reform plan for the world club until the European football club's interests were met.

UEFA also agreed with the Football Association's view that 2021 football calendar "does not have room to hold the World Cup after expansion" and believes that players should not be deprived of valuable rest day.

At the Council, FIFA also approved the introduction of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) at the upcoming Women & # 39; s World Cup. (Reporter Wang Jiyu)

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