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Exposure to Juventus fans Derby before the match outside the scene and the police collapse 9 people arrested_Tuling


Original title: Exposure to Juventus fans Derby before the game outside the stage

Derby Wars are always full of kicks, as is the case in Turin Derby that ended in the morning early. Juventus defeated Turin 1-0 on the way. Compared to this point, the performance of the fans on the sidelines is more exciting. According to the latest news at Evening Post before the Juventus fans, the Juventus fans evoked the event outside the scene, eventually grabbing the local police in the event and grabbing nine Juventus extreme fans.

It is understood that some extreme Juventus fans throw fireworks and smoke bombs before the match. At the same time, these fans also had a small conflict with the security police on the way to the stadium. The reason is also very simple, that is, these Juventus fans want to cross the security police to storm the area where the turbine fans are active. Imagine that when the extreme sides of both sides came together, the consequences were unimaginable. Finally, nine Juventus fans were arrested by the local police, and another five fans were released after fines.

It is worth mentioning that among the nine arrested fans there is a French policeman who came from, and this day is just his rest day. There are also seven troublemakers who are also from France. They come from the same organization, that is Juventus extreme fan organization "Drughi".

Back to Turin there that ended in the early hours of the morning, Juventus also beat Turin with 1-0 points with a penalty kick from C Ronaldo who won the victory's seven-winning winning streak. At the same time, Cristiano Ronaldo also scored the 5,000th goal for Juventus in Series A. It can be said that if there are no small moves from Juventus fans outside the arena, Juventus's performance of the Derby match can be called perfection.

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