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Dialogue "Chang & # 39; Twelve Hours" Director Cao Dun | Praise is due to the authors enduring or promoting the employer's platform? | Changan 12 – Financial news

Original title: Dialogue "Chang & # 39; an Twelve Hours" director Cao Dun | Praise is the creator's insistence or promotion of the employer platform? Source: Daily economic news

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Time went back to a week ago, "Chang & # 39; Twelve Hours" was "smuggled out" and sent 12 episodes at a time. After one night, the score of 8.8 points by Douban was topped in the list of 2019 home theater drama.

With the increase of the plot and the influx of a large audience, "Chang & Twelve Hours" has gone slightly to 8.7 points, but the participation of more than 70,000 viewers showed the popularity of the show, even in the case of zero publicity.

Whether it's the year's drama king is still unknown, but "Chang & # 39; Twelve Hours" is more like a "heterogeneous" in the current drama series. It is the heart of the service, following the adaptation of Ma Boyong's original work, compact and smooth history, online actors. The actors are rare and valuable.

Is it consistent praise that comes from the creator's endurance or promotion of the employer's platform? Faced with this release of reporters, Cao Dun, director of Changan Twelve Hours, said frankly that "it's actually awkward". "Everyone likes it, I'm happy first and the other is that I didn't expect it." "The simple thing is that when the teacher learns when I go to college, I can trust the employer's confidence in me."

Cao Dun (Source: Respondents)

"Chang & # 39; in Twelve Hours" in the off-season to kill a bloody road with verbal words, but the various preparations that have been experienced and then scrutinized by the re-market are still worthwhile.

Changan is the most important, Changan is the only protagonist

The original powder was expected to open "Chang & # 39; Twelve Hours", but found that the complete Tang Dynasty scene in the novel was perfectly presented. The opening ceremony is the three drums, at 12 o'clock, Changan's prosperity, court and market, official and battlefield and patchwork has begun.

The protagonist, the failed commander Zhang Xiaojing, Jing An, the priest, Li Bi, the great poet Cen Shen and other historical figures have appeared, the real and the staggered, and the lost Tang dynasty, meteorological flow in these vivid characters, history and the rise and fall of political conspiracy Hidden in the text.

The Tang Dynasty is graceful, the ward guard is fierce, the enemy is dark and time is tight. The opening method "Chang & # 39; an Twelve Hours" is full of excitement and beauty.

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Cao Dun, who grew up in the Xi'an, is full of complex feelings for the old Chang & # 39; In the shot, he also follows the "reality" as much as possible, "to shoot our own things," Cao Dun said.

The Tang Dynasty and the Moon Calendar are all built-in characteristics of the Chinese culture. It differs from the 24 hours in the United States. Therefore, the drama, the beginning of the ambition, the sun's darker, etc. all have strong national symbols. "The compact story has come to us from the original novel. If we can add something on our own based on the compact plot, plus something unique to our nation, so that others can't see it, he'll respect you and be interested in you. "

The opening of the water bowl of lamb and crystal persimmons originates from Cao Dun as a "private house" surrounded by Xi'an people. Cao Dun also joked if the audience could find the food in Xi & # 39; s. Each group in the paragraph is not a dry image. For example, the clergyman's group performances consist of shopping and chatting. For example, pedestrians write on the prayer site desires. Drama has done a lot of scenes and the characters are all flesh and blood. "In fact, it still creates a sense of reality, I feel that only the feeling of reality comes out. In the follow-up story, the actor's emotional foundations can be true. Without a real emotional basis, many values ​​cannot be established."

Furthermore, in the realism it is also reflected in the drama. For example, officials in the Tang Dynasty restored the record for the historical documents, for example, the wolf was not cursed because of exile. Cao Dun saw the exquisite embroidered costumes in the Tang opera and said the only thing he didn't want was embroidery. "Because I think weaving and dying are the most important things at that time, embroidery is a means."

"In addition to the protagonist, all the costumes are counted by the extras, each one made by ourselves, and none of them are hired." Cao Dun said with certainty that in the restoration of the Tang culture, because it is a commercial film, there will be no reservations, but we will not save any effort in the place where we save no effort. "Because it is Datang, we need to get a sense of time. The atmosphere in time can have a unique temperament and a unique way of life. Character life, language style, understanding of things, making these solid, feelings are fixed. is fixed. "

"The Tang culture is a sense of our nation. Just as the Italians feel about the Roman era, as well as the Egyptians' feelings in the time of the Pharaohs, they are all the same and worthy of our pride." Cao Dun said, "Chang" is the most important. Only Changan is real. These people's feelings are real. "So this game is called" Twelve Hours ", Changan is the only protagonist.

Can't catch up with the movie texture without realizing the seasonal broadcast

Cao Dun seemed to be an easy-going driver when handing over such a great deal of work at the same time, but he admitted that he actually learned a lot from the "Sea Adventures".

Cao Dun recalled that the "Sea Adventure and the Clouds" made the investment production concept for the domestic drama change, and the great team leadership experience also gained from the launch of "The Sea Muyun". "The former crew can be two or three hundred people. When shooting" Clouds Sea "there were 800 people. When it came to" Chang & # 39; Twelve Hours ", it wasn't crowded. When it was topped it was over a thousand So how to do such a team will work in a reasonable and efficient way, this is also an issue that requires experience to complete, this experience must come from the "Sea Adventures".

Due to the large number of night scenes, "Chang & # 39; Twelve Hours" has a very large demand for group performances. "There are more than 300 people and more than 1500 people." ", often shot from night to dawn.

But because of his love for Tang culture, Cao Dun insisted on applying three years before winning the show. "The first novel is really nice, the other is Changan, and there is a sense of hometown, third, I don't think it can't be touched, so I decided to apply for this movie anyway and finally won it. "

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During the film and television process, Cao Dun kept the rhythm and reading pleasure of Ma Boyan's novels. "I have to respect Ma Boyan's attributes to create the" Twelve Hours of Chang ". Reading and knowledge points in the original book are the reasons why fans can't put it down. In addition, Cao Dun also added a new knowledge point to the paragraph. He explained that he would go down with the Ma Boyan brand. "We are shooting according to the novel's narrative structure. The rhythm also tries to synchronize with the novel. Basically what novel is, what we probably are. "

But there was also feedback from the audience. I looked at the domestic water filling drama and couldn't adjust to the rhythm "Chang & # 39; Twelve Hours". Not to mention 1.5x speed and 2x speed, many scenes have to go back a few times to understand.

When he threw this question to Cao Dun, he thought for a while and admitted that he had asked many people how long it took to read the original novel. "Most gay men read it in a breath."

"Twenty Hours" finally showed only 25 episodes, but there were also reports that there were 48 episodes, and the water was "squeezed out". After the rhythm was greatly accelerated, I did not expect to put a "gate of drama". This does not really make Cao Dun understand. "There are so many knowledge points in the novel that can be understood. Why can't I understand the drama? Tang culture I think it should be the culture we are most famous for in the ancient Chinese culture."

As for the "movie quality", Cao Dun feels that if the episode cannot reach the season's broadcast, it will never catch up with the film. "What movie quality, this is self-proclaimed, how can film quality? A movie starts almost with us during the same period, they also took seven months, we also took seven months, he cut up for three hours, How many hours have we cut "So, if there is no seasonal broadcast, there are no 10 episodes and 12 episodes, but I think the TV shows are still inferior to movie quality.

The drama goes out to sea, from "free" to "paid"

Less than 5 days after launch, "Chang & # 39; Twelve Hours" announced that "out to sea" and gradually launched overseas, in addition to Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam and other Asian countries, will also "pay" in Viki , Amazon and YouTube The form was launched in North America, which is the first time Chinese drama has been paid on the three platforms simultaneously.

Although it was not the first Chinese drama to go out to sea, "Chang & Twelve Hours" realized the leap from "free" to "paid". "We really need something to go to the international arena and let the international recognition. Because of China's film industry, our staff's professional skills are no worse than foreign law." Cao Dun said.

This has nothing to do with Youku. Previously, "White Nights to Cheat" and "The Beautiful Things" were purchased by Naifei. "Meetings without borders" and "Mobile Forces" were also released on overseas markets.

Returning to "Chang & Twelve Hours", Cao Dun clearly said this is the first time to shoot the platform for the homemade drama. "It's completely different from the experience of TV dramas. Earlier, with some small film and television companies, resources were limited. On the larger Internet platform, support is much better than the only game."

In the selection of the corner, for example, the large data from the Youku platform has received much support. Choosing Lei Jiayin In addition to the actual role, great data also shows that Lei Jiayin "becomes more and more fire, and future development is getting better." Cao Dun is also full of praise for Yi Qian's achievement. In "Chang & # 39; in Twelve Hours", Yi Qiann was just 17 years old. "It has already shown a great actor's qualities. Those around me can be said to be champions, and there are some old bones around them. There is no loss of standards in the game.

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Before signing the contract, Cao Dun claimed he had signed a "hard" contract with Youku if the overpayment was to pay for it. In the end, it was actually excessive. "It was originally expected to be six months. Later it was still taken for seven months, but the money was taken out of the pocket and there was no money from any investor."

"My task is to send the film to the platform. At the time of the broadcast my work is over. Now I just fulfill a director's obligation to promote and enjoy my own movie. I hope more people can see it. Yes. Because it really is more than a thousand of our employees, I have to work hard for the seven months, I have to pay for their efforts. "Cao Dun said.

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