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"Dajiang Dahe" has become increasingly famous. It took 7 months for the scriptwriter to write the syllabus. – Xianning Net


Original Title: It took 7 months for the scriptwriter to write the full page.

"Dajiang River" still images

Guangzhou Daily News (all media reporter Zeng Jun) Since the television series "Dajiang Dahe" broadcast on Dongfang TV, the evaluations and mouth-to-mouth performances are good. Some networkers even use the magnifying glass to control the episodes and background decals. Meanwhile, they believe that the words of this drama in the mouth are not only from the intentional interpretation of the actors but also by the super-reduction of the details.

"Dajiang Dahe" follows the consistent fine production standards for the "Virgo" creative team. Ultra-wide photography makes image quality comparable to movie blockbuster levels, and the exact positioning of the service channel setting makes the audience feel confident. It is reported that drama is convinced. Art cost is more than double the size of other TV shows. Song Yunhui (Wang Kai jewelry) in the hot sun under the editorial paintings, with a salted west, the first drink of cola from Liang Sishen and the simplified words that appear everywhere on the wall, laid all the foundation for the follow-up because Very True and well received by the audience.

The background to drama is far from the lives of young people, but it does not impede the young audience's enthusiasm to continue drama. They think that drama does not play a copy of the expression, not slogan, but actually describes the characters of that time. The ups and downs of the descent.

In the already broadcast story, Song Yunping and Lei Dongbao's love line constituted a lot of space, their sweet and clean daily life is fascinating, and as history evolves, the story between them becomes "heartbreaked". The contrasting arrangement makes the audience worried.

The interaction between Lei Dongbao and Xiaoleijiacun "Basketball Group" played by Yang Shuo opened the game's fun mode and the audience shouted "contract all laughter". In the eyes of the outlookers, Lei Dongbao, as his name suggests, is very popular in his style of work. His rough, bold and decisive work style has played an important role in leading the villagers to open the way for "change" drastically. At the same time, this personality traits are also judged for him and his "scientific and sensible" nephew "loves each other."

It is reported that the study's excellence takes advantage of the exquisite and rigorous script. The author Yuan Keping revealed that, in order to maximize the work of the desk before the script, he spent seven months before the official writing of the script and made a 42-segment sketch. After the movie "Dajiang Dahe" he had the feeling that the director Kong Tong was particularly good at details. Many of them were not reflected in the script. It requires a long-term observation of life. "There is a dish, a small bowl of meat, that's how he's eating in the age he's very caring."

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