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Chinese short-term team ceremony flagrant ceremonyChinese short-term team ceremony flagrant ceremony

At 6:30 AM on the morning of November 23, the sky was still enclosed in the dark blue night. The links to Li Wei and the Chinese short-circuit skate group had just taken place in Tiananmen Square. Li coach went out to understand Li Yuyu. The hair said, "Girls, it's a good idea to look at your head."

In order to implement the two strategies and the two plans, they will strengthen the ideological and cultural design of the sports team and effectively improve the feel of the athletes coaches, honor and build a national team that can have good warfare and good style and the National Sports Manager's winter sports. The Center has conducted a series of educational activities on the theme of "Glory to the National Flag" in various national ice-snow project national training groups. Coach Li Wei believes that Beijing is the capital and heart of the motherland. We are athletes trained by the country. It is our responsibility and mission to win glory for the country. We have major responsibilities and assignments. I hope all children can come to this environment to experience the strength of society and society's cohesion, and also to increase our team's cohesion.

On November 23, the Chinese short-circuit race and the China Skating Association reacted actively and organized all group members to go to Tiananmen Square to observe the ceremony. After the ceremony, Wu Dajing, the captain of the Chinese short-circuit skate, said: "This is the second time I've come to see the flag deal. It comes to our team and has different meanings, which makes our responsibility and mission stronger." Through the ceremony of raising flags and raising the flag, the team's national pride was strengthened, and the hard work of the members and hard work for the excellent successes of the country's honor were also improved. Wu Dajing said that in the next competition and training he will sort out and complete his own stage goals, drive better and strive to make the five-star red flag rise high in the international arena.

Li Yingyu, a 17-year-old silver medalist at PyeongChang-Winter Olympics, believes that raising the national flag is a sacred thing. It is a great honor to share this glory with everyone. I hope the Chinese short-drawn skating team will be better and better.

Looking forward to the new season, coach Li Wei said everyone must have feelings and feelings to have a big pattern. I hope that the Chinese short-drawn skate team from 2022 will do its job well and protect the platform and opportunities for glory for the country.

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