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A year later, the Shanghai Ctrip Parent-Child Garden Child Abuse case, which received great attention from all walks of life, was taken at the Changnings District People's Court in Shanghai at 14:00 on November 27, and they provided Zheng and Liang where eight people. He was guilty of misconduct and was held liable to criminal proceedings. This bad child abuse is not the first, and maybe not the last one. A moment of fun does not solve all problems once and for all.

First of all, how to mourn?

Child abuse is a mustache in every parent's heart.

"The right and wrong assessment of the child at this time is very simple, he will believe that all teachers' behaviors are correct. These children may have a tendency to violence in the future. They can treat other children in this way or even treat themselves. ". Pediatricians at Fuxing Hospital, affiliated with Capital Medical University, said that children who grow up and develop are abused, which inevitably leads to psychological conditions such as fear, inferiority and irritability.

When the safety is lost, the shadows can be associated with a lifetime.

In early November 2017, the video of Ctrip's dignified parent-child teacher watched children on the Internet. The video showed that in addition to killing the children, teachers also fed the child's mustard. Parent Weibo ID @ 叶 perryyeh said that in the three-month surveillance, the parents park used more than 400 mustard for the child. Particularly in Ctrip Parent-Child Park, such abuses are almost open and "rules" for young children have become a kind of "garden style". After the event was postponed, one of child psychology had already had problems. It was identified as a stress disorder at the hospital and demanded psychological counseling. Probably the kidnapped child is still in the "recovery period".

In addition, young children do not speak and childhood education is not transparent, which is also a cause of common cases of child abuse.

As early as 20 November 1989, the Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted at the UN General Assembly. There is an article in the Convention: "The Party shall adopt all appropriate laws, administrative, social and educational measures to protect children from any form of physical and mental destruction or damage when cared for by their parents, guardians or any other person in charge of care of children. Or abuse, neglect or negligence, abuse or exploitation, including sexual assault. "

How does effectiveness of lawfulness occur?

Possible child abuse is unethical for the child, and it is suspected of criminal offenses. From the law on the protection of minors to the amendment of the Criminal Code (9) to expand the scope of the bulk of abuse, China is not in legislation. However, if the law is complete, if the sentence is insufficient, punishment is unfounded, and the law enforcement is not strict; it is difficult to achieve the original intention of the law.

On October 24, 2012, a photo of a child was abused by a teacher at the Blue Peacock Kindergarten in West Street, Wenling, Zhejiang. The teacher slipped on the child's two ears, which led to his body hanging, and the children were not only stunned, but the teacher looked happy. On November 16, the official news announced that the police's abuse of child abuse was investigated deeply by the police. It was considered that the party involved in the case, Yan Yanhong, did not constitute a crime. The criminal procedure was revoked by law and administrative detention was introduced on the fifteenth day. Wenling police released Yan Yanhong. According to reports, between 2010 and 2012, Zhejiang Wenling daycare teachers were exposed to child abuse almost 100 times.

Lin Lin, the mother of the child exposed to child abuse in Wenling, Zhejiang, said after her child's psychological intervention: "I do not know if there will be any consequences in the future."

How many children have been injured? To what extent do children suffer? Recently, the frequent cases of child abuse have attracted high attention from public opinion. For once people are indignant, people condemn people argue, people are reflecting, but it comes another time.

On December 30, 1982, after Chen Heqin, a famous child educator and child psychologist in China, went away at the age of 90, people in his epitaph wrote such a passage as he said in 1935: May the children of the country begin today. Regardless of the rich or the poor, regardless of wisdom and ignorance, they will have great education and achieve the greatest possible development in both body and mind. Sage has passed, but some things have remained the same as the nature of the child, as the teacher's responsibility and responsibility.

This is a beautiful wish. Today, with the legal system becoming increasingly healthy, it is necessary to fulfill the entire society's responsibility. In many cases, protective prevention is more meaningful than disciplinary sanctions.

"On the one hand, it's the problem of teachers' morals. When we enter the childhood learning industry, we must first love children and love children without conditions. If we only use it as a career to support our families, that's not enough. refining the rules and preventing microvaridity. The principle of zero tolerance and justice is the last defense rule. Many of the previous barriers must be done first. On the other hand, every life is equal and respectful. Our previous education is "long and young action." The elders are respected, and the respect for the children is far from being able to talk. This basic concept also affects adults's basic attitude towards the next generation. "The findings of the Ctrip Child Abuse Case, Professors at the Chinese High School of Political Science and Law, Youth Crime Pi Yijun, Head of Education, and the Research Department and Head of Youth Crime and Youth Law research center, said in an interview with CCTV.

Effective legal sanctions, preventive child protection, healthy education and mature social concepts should all support a blue sky for the healthy growth of motherland flowers. Young children are innocent, do not let "children are motherland flowers" become a romantic fantasy.

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