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2018-11-11 03:38:12 Source: Football Europe and the United States

Original title: Bundesliga-Lewan Royce doubling Paco wins over Dortmund 3-2 invert Bayern

Beijing time November 11 at 1:30, 2018-2019 season Bundesliga in the 11th round of a top matchup, defender champion Bayern Munich away from Iduna Signal Park 2-3 led by leader Dortmund reversal, lost the country While Derby broke the gap with Dortmund to 7 points. After 26 minutes, Gennaburi passed through, and Lewan managed to tip the ball first. In the 49th minute Royce punished his own penalty and smoothed the score. In the 53th minute, Kimizi Lewan helped make a title again. In the 67th minute, Pishcek assisted and Royce twice. In the 73th minute, Paco broke the door.

In the 10th round of the league match, Dortmund 7 wins and 3 draw, scored 10 goals and lost 10 goals, accumulated 24 points and led the score by 4 points. The attack power of 3 goals per game is scary. Bayern 6 wins, 2 draw and 2 losses, scored 11 goals and lost 11 goals, 20 points scored third, on average more than 1 goal, the ball is rare in recent seasons. In the final round of the league Dortmund relied on Royce's goal, 1-0 Lectra and Bayern 1-1 were forced by Freiburg. In the Champions League in the middle of the week, Bayern played 2-0 at home, Dortmund lost Atletico Madrid 0-2, the season's first prizes. Bavaria missed four generals Robben, Tiago, Koman and Tolso; Dortmund did not have the help of Bourgi, Schmelzer, Rhodes and Isaac.

In history, the two teams played 121 times (98 Bundesliga, 11 German Cups, 7 Super Cups, 3 Champions League, 2 Telecom Cups), Bavaria 56 wins, 34 moves and 31 losses, 225 goals and 149 goals, which resulted in a certain advantage . . The two teams have been in the Bundesliga the last ten times. Bayern Munich has 7 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses. The advantage is even more obvious. Almost three times the Bundesliga met Bayern a complete victory. Bayern also played a 6-0 big point in Bayern's home game against Dortmund last season. But in the historical confrontation between the two sides, Bayern's biggest score win is a terrible 11-1! In this campaign, Bayern followed the start of the Champions League in the middle of the week, J Ronaldo and Jules continued to sit on the bench, Dortmund let Gezer and Larsson replace Paco and Plissi.

With 10 minutes played, Dortmund quickly contracted the game, but Royce made a chance to dash through the middle, but his shot from the left glanced off the top of the bar to fall behind the net. Captain Bayern finally finished the first successful rescue in the Bundesliga almost 438 minutes. With 15 minutes played, Dortmund's counterattack was very close. Larsson made a low pass on the left, and Neuer took the ball in his arms before Sancho. With 24 minutes played, Kimiqi put themselves up with a penalty, and Wittsel knocked the ball home. The referee did not escape the penalty. After 26 minutes, Kimixi lowered the ball to the left after breaking down on the right, and Ribéry broke through. Kimihi took the ball off the penalty area and then went straight to the right. Gennaburi made a right-hand pass. Lewanmen scored a goal for the goal, 1-0, Bayern took the lead. Levan won the sixth goal in the league and was also the 186 Bundesliga. The goal of 193 goals for foreign players retained by Pizarro was only 7 goals. In addition, Levan has scored 12 goals in the national derby and is only one step away from Gade Muller's 14 goals.

29 minutes into the match, Weigel seemed to suffer a certain amount of confusion and they fell to a inadequate level of organization. With 31 minutes played, Ashraf made a low pass on the left, and Alaba got a hand out of the ball. Then Sancho could not come to the ball. 34 minutes into the match, Ribéry took a long shot from the left flank and was blocked by Hits. 36 minutes into the game, Akanji Levan seemed a little tentative in the play as he was substituted for yellow card. After 38 minutes, Royce sent a free kick in high over the penalty box. Zagadu was disturbed by Martinez as he charged the ball. At the end of the match, Bayern temporarily led Dortmund 1-0 away.

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