Friday , December 3 2021

Andy Lau Hong Kong Red house to sing, wife and daughter for the first time in public Hua Tsai | Epoch Times


Liu Dehua (Hua Tsai) New Year's concert took place in the Red Pavilion on the 15th, in addition to Zheng Zhongji, Miao Qiaowei, Huang Rihua and other friends in the circle, always Hua Zi, a key family, is very different this time. Let his wife Zhu Liqian take her daughter Liu Xiangyi to sit in the audience for the first time. There was another focus on the night.

According to reports from Hong Kong, a total of 20 "My Love Andy Lau World Tour" concerts were officially launched in Hong Kong's red pavilion on the 15th. This was the first time Andy Lau came back after the last time he was injured. Hua Tsai first appeared in a white dress and sang "Premeditated", "Chinese" and "Stupid Child" to start the game.

During the concert Hua Tsai gladly welcomed the audience and said, "I have not opened the show in 8 years, I have to enjoy this feeling." He also mentally referred to the horse's injury last year, so everyone was worried and all the way. The fans who support him say thank you.

This time the song was also very different. Previously, Andy Laus's family members appeared for the first time in public. They assembled for Hua Tsai and the accident became another focus.

In addition, there was an episode in the concert that day, and some people outside the court could not enter the arena because of the problem of bringing the scalper ticket and the dispute caused by the arena. Hua Tsai said, "There is this case." But this part of the police and the Red Pavilion ticket have been dealt with and I hope fans should be careful when buying tickets.

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