Friday , December 3 2021

African pigs have not affected Hong Kong's market at present. Pork prices are temporarily stable.


African pigs have not affected Hong Kong's market yet, and pork prices are now stable.

The African swine fever that broke out on the mainland in early August has spread to Guangdong Province and 11 pigs died in the Xiangzhou district of Zhuhai. The chairman of the Hong Kong Pork Chamber, Hui Wai-Kin, said today that the average number of pigs delivered to Hong Kong on the mainland was about 4,000 a day. Nearly 80% were from Guangdong Swinarms. There were no piglets or pigs on the mainland. .

Xu Weijian said that African pigs have hit more than 20 provinces and cities on the mainland. Although they do not have an impact on human and food safety, they can only be prevented from spreading by slaughter because there is no related vaccine. Pigs, so the mainland has now banned pigs from passing the province.

In the case of pork prices, Xu Weijian said that it is temporarily stable. Unfortunately, if the piglets in Hong Kong are exploded, it will definitely be affected by the pig delivery price in Hong Kong, but the extent of the effect is unknown.

(Da Gongwenhui full media news center feed Reuters)

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