Monday , August 8 2022

You have to travel and could not find the yellow fever vaccine


In connection with a trip, Pablo Hirmas must be immunized against yellow fever. According to us, she called several clinics and they do not count on her or give her an arrival date. He believes that it is the responsibility of the Ministry of Health to ensure that there are sufficient stocks in Chile for such a serious illness.

We consulted at the Ministry of Health (Minsal) and declared that the disease in Continental Chile is not present, so the vaccine is not included in the immunization schedule of that unit.

Despite the above, from 2018, a programmatic vaccination for 18 month old infants residing on Easter Island began, as the mosquito transmitting the disease (Aedes aegypti) is present in that area and there is a potential risk of infection. For them there is an insured stock.

Destination: Brazil

For those traveling to areas with a risk of yellow fever and should be inoculated according to the requirement in the country of destination or according to WHO / PAHO recommendations regarding selective vaccination – this is the case for certain areas in Brazil – there are international vaccinations in the private health system.

They stated that, in the country, the person responsible for providing vaccines to the private health vaccines is Sanofi Pasteur Laboratory, which has reported that it has not yet received doses in their local stocks to distribute.

In consultation with the company, Minsal informed that the low availability of this vaccine worldwide is due to the fact that demand exceeds production capacity. They said that 43,000 doses will be available in Chile in November and December.

With regard to delivery times for the parties at international level, the laboratory physicians have identified priorities for delivery of the vaccine according to the epidemiological situation in each nation. First, in countries approved Secondly, in humanitarian operations, and third, for private vaccination (travelers). Chile is in this last state because it does not present a local epidemiological risk situation.

They stated that it is recommended for tourists that the vaccine is administered 10 days before the trip. These must be stated by a healthcare professional and at the time of acquisition, respective orders and an identity document must be submitted.

They observed from the Ministry that yellow fever is a disease in tropical regions of South America and Africa, which manifests itself in acute fever and jaundice, followed by bleeding in 15% to 25% of the infected patients.

These symptoms occur between three and six days after an infected mosquito has bitten. In an initial phase, it causes fever, muscles and headache pain, chills, loss of appetite and nausea or vomiting. For most patients, these discomfort disappears after three to four days.

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