Sunday , January 17 2021

Xbox boss praises PS5 Dualsense controller: “I applaud what they have done with the controller”

In conversation with The Verge, the Xbox boss, Phil Spencer, I dedicate praise PlayStation and what was done with the control DualSense for the latest PS5. And that is, in his opinion, what has developed with liver response and adaptive triggers is an important example of innovation in the industry.

I applaud what they have done with the command“, he said, adding that” I should not say that it is not due to the specific details of the command, but because of more than just the command.

“I think everyone in the industry should learn from each other and from the innovations that we each drive, whether it’s the distribution of business models like Game Pass, or the technology in controllers, like the Wii on the day, that it clearly had an impact when we created Kinect and Sony released Move, “he recalls.

Spencer claimed it as a trademark We try to pay close attention to these things. For any technology, whether it is a controller, virtual reality or something else.

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