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WWE Monday Night RAW: Coverage and results for October 26, 2020

By Fede Fromhell – UPDATED 20/10/2020 AT 12:46

Raw opens with a summary of Drew McIntyre vs. Randy Orton last night at WWE Hell in a Cell.

Drew McIntyre goes out to the ring. “I have no excuses. Just a promise: I will be WWE Champion again,” he said. He adds that it is not about how hard you can hit, but how long you can hold. “If you could read me now, if you knew what was going on here, you would be scared,” McIntyre said when interrupted.

The Miz leaves accompanied by John Morrison. Ask everyone at the WWE ThunderDome and at home to pay tribute to Drew, who warns Miz to be careful with his words. Miz and John walk into the ring and talk about how amazing Drew’s reign is, but that all things must end, like this government or Otis like Mr. Money in the bank. Miz remembers that he already had the briefcase and beat Randy Orton. Miz and John say that if Drew had the title he would be superior to them right now, but now he has no goals on his back and he does not have to worry about them. They continue to mock him until Drew joins a Glassgow Kiss to Miz and Suplex to Morrison. Drew focuses on John but Miz attacks his knee to escape with his friend. Drew destroys Morrison’s sunglasses.

AJ Styles says that it is the return of “The Phenomenal Era” on Raw, and that it has dominated the last two weeks. He wonders why he is in a qualifying match for the Survivor Series. “Who do I have to prove something to?” Asks AJ annoyed. His bodyguard poses next to him and shows no emotion. AJ finally talks about his partner and says that he does not like to be monitored or talked to. He calls Jeff Hardy “the biggest cheater in WWE history” and assures that if he does the same thing to him as Elias tonight, his partner will make him wish he had never left that bottle.

Qualifying match for the WWE Survivor Series
AJ Styles Vs. Jeff Hardy

Jeff takes the initiative but after the break it is AJ who attacks. Jeff responds with his classic kicks and searches for the account without success. Styles responds with his Neckbreaker over the knee. Side Russian leg sweeps and a number two about AJ. He places Styles on the corner, but escapes and crashes his face against the post. Rack Bomb and count two to Jeff. They are both looking for their nails, Jeff turns Pele Kick with a pin. He reaches for height and AJ knocks him down, throws him against the post from the other side of the ropes and connects a clothesline to bring him back to the ring. Phenomenal forearm and count three to end the battle.
Winner: AJ Styles.

After the fight, Elias appears out of nowhere and attacks Jeff Hardy with his guitar.

R-Truth he is interviewed behind the scenes and is defiant. “I live in a dangerous way, I sleep in a dangerous way,” he says, adding that his third name is “dangerous.”

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