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Win options to limit mines movement in the streets

During the afternoon on this Sunday, Eight municipalities in the country voted for a "child's curfew" project suggesting to limit the time when minors can circulate alone in the streets; where most respondents supported the restriction.

The vote was held in the municipalities in Las Condes, Lo Barnechea, Colina, La Florida, La Reina, Peñalolén, Antofagasta and Quilpué, where the neighbors could pay between 09:00 and 18:00 on Sunday.

It should be noted that this issue it is not binding, then just trying to feel the neighbors' view of the project.


In detail, the option of limiting the hours of turnover to persons under the age of 16 without being an adult, It triumphed almost 103,217 votes in all municipalities, while the alternative rejecting the project amounted to 17,555 votes.

With regard to Las Condes, the possibility of limiting mines' turnover was 30,767, while in Lo Barnechea, 8,132 votes were cast. Meanwhile, Peñalolén has added 9,615 votes for this alternative, Quilpué, 08989, Colina, 0882, La Reina, 5,981 and La Florida, 11,796.

Relative to deadline for sales of children under 12, 53,828 People in all municipalities believe it must be until 9:00 pm while the option "To 22:00 hours," added 34,704 votes.

Meanwhile, when defining a limit of turnover for minors between 13 and 16 years, 62 088 voters believe it should be until 23:00, while 30,196 votes indicate the possibility of "until 24.00".

Check out the results in detail by clicking here.

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