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Where is the rivalry between Boca Juniors and River Plate born? | news


It's only a few hours to complete return match in the end of Libertadores Cup, the most prestigious club-level tournament in South America, as this time has the special attraction of the face River Plate and Boca Juniors, of Argentina.

This Buenos Aires rivalry (both teams live in Buenos Aires, The Argentine capital) has more than a century's history, where he met on several occasions.

From 1908 so far, the two clubs most important in the country They met 248 opportunities in game for the score, with little advantage for Boca (88 wins 81 of the river, plus 79 drawings).

But it historical rivalry, which exceeds the South American country and has spread all over the world, has several approaches that serve to understand where it comes from.

The first official conflict between both teams is from August 24, 1913, where the river won with points of 2-1. But before this match, the 1908 team met outside an official competition and became the meeting that gave rise to the first concepts of rivalry, according to experts.

The match at the beginning of the century, where the River Plate also won, is the first match between both teams and the rival's cradle that has increased over the years.

Later, in 1931, with the birth of the first professional league in Argentina, the match between the two teams ended in controversy by expelling three players, stoking the flame of rivalry.

The rivalry of both clubs increased throughout history, prior to the club's adaptation as the winner, who made one or more Olympic laps around the stadium, causing the fans to the losing team in most cases.

From this tough rivalry, what is known as the "Tragedy of the 12th Port", an event in 1968 where "Superclásico" ended with a 0-0. However, under the public outlet of the Monumental (River Stadium) there was a human avalanche at Gate 12, where 71 people lost their lives.

This eternal rivalry continued to burn over the years, even during the recent conflicts, such as that taking place in the 16th Copa Libertadores in 2015. After the first leg's 1-0 victory, on the return leg (made in the area of ​​Boca, La Bombonera) was the meeting interrupted after the break, when the player attacked with pepper spray.

Conmebol, the South American football organization, gave the classification to the Millionaire team.

These are some of the anecdotes that define the atmosphere of the final atmosphere, where both teams will try to add a new Copa Libertadores to their showcase (sex have Boca and Three River).

The first leg, held at La Bombonera, ended with a score of 2-2.

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