Friday , December 3 2021



In different countries of the world, residents have begun to ask WhatsApp, all because of "Fake News" (false news) from election processes, alleged cases of kidnappings which has ended in lynchings of innocents.

Everything indicates that this is largely the case, but it seems that The world's largest messenger station has begun to take some steps to avoid it.

Some have already noticed, others still do not have their effects, but From now on – at least on Android phones – a new message will be sent.

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This is because i The latest update of WhatsApp for this operating system was added to the number of times the same message can be sent: there will only be five total.

The modification, which Expected to be implanted soon on iPhone, is an attempt to stop the spread of false news by limiting how fast this information is spread between contacts and also stop the spam messages that torment WhatsApp.

If the current message is a photo or video, you must save it by phone and send it back as a new message, while you must copy and paste text messages to send them as a new message.

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