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What is 8K technology and why will the user experience change? | technique

Few relationships are as close as technology and television; its manufacturers work every day to get the latest advances to each home and surprise with their resolutions that a few years ago were only prototypes.

And although the jump from HD to Ultra HD 4K hasn't happened so long ago, the engines are already preparing a welcome new way to watch TV: 8K technology.

As explained in Samsung, when we talk about 8K, we talk about a new and improved experience to enjoy your favorite content. It refers to more vivid colors, more powerful contrasts and immersive experiences.

But what does this acronym mean that will change how you see the world?

We go for part. First, we need to understand that when we talk about digital TV, each video image consists of small dots (pixels), these on a 4K TV are 3840 in the screen's horizontal picture.

Agence France-Press
Agence France-Press

In the case of an 8K TV, the number of points reaches 7680 points, quadruple the resolution of a 4K screen and be 16 times better than the conventional FHD.

So far, we have done the logical and coarse mathematical exercise, but what benefit will it bring to you? Multiplies the resolution of the 4K UHD TVs by four and by 16 oh yes – for the Full HD screens.

If we turn this technical data into fanatical users of marathons in series or movies, sporting events or big concerts, the result is a shocking change in experience. And in view of the increase in resolution, 8K TVs allow displaying immaterial pixels to the human eye, still very close to the screen.

If you ask yourself, what if I do not have 8K content available in my home? Well, This incredible TV can transform your current content into an impressive 8K image quality, using machine resolution technology Super Resolution technology, which is the most advanced in artificial intelligence of image scaling.

Even easier? By having an 8K TV, whose advantage is the very high resolution, you will have an extraordinary definition and more natural. The images are much sharper and with fully defined edges and no traces of annoying pixels. The shadows look really dark and the colors get a fantastic vibration.

Of course, so much wonder is not cheap and you can find models for up to seven million pesos.

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