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What do you think is the most popular car color in the world?

While most brands distinguish between regions to develop their products and thus market smaller and more efficient cars in Europe or line-up of larger dimensions in North America, there is a factor that overlaps these differences and repeats itself as a common pattern. This is evident from a company report Axalta, which concludes that there is a color that is the big favorite worldwide.

Gray, red, blue, black? No …

White is the favorite color for customers who are approaching different retailers around the world. This tone obtained from the overlay of the rest of the color palette has dressed 38% of the vehicles sold in 2018. It is followed by its antagonist, the black, which has reached 18% of the preferences, while the third is for gray and silver which binds by 12%. Then comes blue (7%), red (5%), yellow (2%) and green (less than 1%).


The target area is wide and in regions such as South America it bounces up to 42%; in Africa it reaches 43% and in China the record shows 58%. In Europe, however, the difference is less noticeable because white reaches 25% of new cars, followed closely by graphite gray by 22%.

What causes the White Color government to explain?

According to the Axalta report, color is part of the main motive when buying a new car and goes so far as to say that about one-third of potential customers would change brands if the tone was not available.

Another of the conclusions of the study is that the increase in the black, silver and gray tones has the opposite side to the reductions in preferences for red, green and yellow. Blue and coffee kept their cake.

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