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Warning! Filter a video with giant Avengers spoilers: Endgame

A video full of spoilers too Avengers: Endgame, and it confirms a series of rumors that had been installed since filtering images from the movie, came to the network during this Monday.

The material went through social networks, and at first it was on video platforms like YouTube, but it's in a horrible quality. It is a recording of a mobile phone that takes another device playing the movie with subtitles, apparently from the Middle East.

The most important thing is that the video, which some users claim as a multi-minute filtering, presents several segments of the movie, including the return of some characters not shown in Infinity War.

Basically, it is a video that allows you to simply get an idea of ​​the general structure of history, including details that point to some elements that are surely not surprising for fans who have seen the trailers or followed all of our coverage, which is the case of the new version of The Hulk.

But in the filter there are also real spoilers like point to the film's last action. It is the seriousness of this filtering.

We will not include the material in question, but we want to leave it as a warning. The best part is that they do not see anything of such poor quality, destroying the experience. And be careful in social networks with the important spoilers who will begin to emerge from people who will act in bad faith. Be careful

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