Saturday , September 25 2021

[VIDEO] Very serious! The Mapuche Society condemned armed threats in full religious ceremony

The situation was condemned by Leufu Challupen Wallmapu against the gentle usurper Gómez Guitterman.

In a situation that went out of control, a religious ceremony of mapuche community of Leufu Challupen Wallmapu, this when a farmer scared the participants in the event of firearms.

According to information from society, the situation occurred because the family was: "Scared off winka usurper Gómez Guitterman, which interrupts our ceremony by pointing and shoot Mapuche families at least four times, where children and the elderly participated".

In addition, the statement states that "The spiritual ceremony was performed by our traditional authorities at the beach of Kalafken, especially at the mouth of Leufu Challupen, a place of Mapuche cultural significance, a place where society is protected and where this sight is currently keeps usurped part of the river bed with illegal tourist facilities and denies access to Lake Kalafken", Closed.


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