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Uber will distribute food in drones and present a new autonomous vehicle

Uber said on Wednesday he will start testing a food delivery system with drones and presented an autotic vehicle.

At the Uber Elevate Summit conference in Washington DC, the company announced that it has the green light to begin testing its drone food delivery system in San Diego, California.

"Our goal is to expand Uber Eats drone's delivery to provide more alternatives to more people at the touch of a button," said Luke Fischer, head of aviation operations at Uber Elevate, who said the company believes it is "unique position" to meet this challenge.

For logistical reasons, the drones will not deliver directly to the customers in this first stage but at a secure collection point for a Uber Eats driver to complete the order.

In the future, Uber expects to land their drones on vehicles parked near the destination of the order and for a person to make the final delivery.

To direct drones to the destination, Uber said he developed his own airspace management system called Elevate Cloud Systems.

Although not the first of its kind, Uber's dront service shows on a potential large scale through its partners across the United States.

On the other hand, Uber presented its latest autonomous vehicle, manufactured by Volvo, in partnership.

The Volvo XC90 prototype will be able to "manage completely", according to a Uber statement. Sensors built into the vehicle allow it to circulate and maneuver in an urban environment.

Uber signed an agreement in 2017 with Volvo, a Swedish company owned by Chinese automaker Geely, to produce "tens of thousands" of vehicles that can be driven alone and which will integrate a fleet of autonomous taxis.

This week, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said he did not expect fully independent vehicles in his company to be available for at least 15 years, but that some of his own benefits will be phased in for a particular trip. "Easy" can be supplemented with this technique.

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