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Uber Elevate Summit 2019 – Diario Financiero

The company announced that Australia will be the first international market for Uber Air, with Melbourne selected as the third official city for the pilot.

The third edition of the Uber Elevate Summit 2019 is being developed in Washington, the United States, one of the area and technology industry meetings, bringing together the leaders of innovation, government, and academia to publish the work of the company.

During the summit, which includes 2-day technical sessions, practical demonstrations and network events at night, Uber has made various messages related to UberAir-flying vehicles – Uber Eats and autonomous vehicles.

The first international pilot city for Uber Air

The company announced that Australia will be the first international market for Uber Air, with Melbourne selected as the third official city for the pilot. Melbourne will join Dallas and Los Angeles as the pilot cities for the program, with test flights that will begin in 2020 and plan to launch commercial operations after 2023.

From the air, Uber strives to open the way to urban mobility, which helps to alleviate traffic congestion on land. In the long term, the vision focuses on having electric vehicles, safe and quiet, that transport tens of thousands of people through the cities at the same price as a UberX journey that covers the same distance.

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A distributed Skyports network is planned to enable Uber Air operations. Skyports require in their scale completely new designs to handle an unprecedented number of takeoffs and landings. The most important names in architecture, design and technology are to design solutions that can handle up to 1000 landings per hour, even in tracks as dense as an acre or 2.

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Uber Eats tests home delivery with drones

Uber Eats, the global home delivery service, will test the first commercial delivery application with drones in large-scale areas. Last year, Uber and San Diego City won the winning bid awarded by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as part of the Integration Pilot Program (IPP) to test the first application commercial delivery of food at home with drones.

By combining the technology in Elevate with the Eats network, the delivery of food at home with drones will increase culinary options for customers and reduce delivery times. The service is run by Elevate Cloud Systems, a new airspace management system that monitors and controls all drone flights for independent start, flight and landing.

The learning generated by home delivery with drones will also help shape the base of the Uber Elevate joint transport network.

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New Uber autonomous vehicles

In the third edition of Elevate Summit, Uber Advanced Technologies Group presented its latest autonomous vehicle (SDV) in collaboration with Volvo Cars.

Uber and Volvo Cars formed an engineering company in September 2016 and since then they have created several prototypes that try to accelerate the development of cars
autonomous in the company. The Volvo XC90 SUV presented during the event is the third car developed in collaboration with both companies and the first production vehicle that is completely independent to drive.

The vehicle is equipped with important safety elements that enable Uber to easily install its own autonomous driving system, which enables a possible launch of autonomous cars within the Uber network as an autonomous common transport service.

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Cab of aircraft for future Uber Air service

Uber presented its first cabin design of air cars, for four people, which provides a preview of the environment where users will travel when they use Uber Air.

Uber Elevate also launched a new virtual reality simulation with high probability for what passengers will experience in designing this cottage when using Uber Air, created in partnership with Bipolar Studio.

Shared air transport is one of the transport options that Uber intends to offer on its platform. The company undertakes this journey with the launch of a reference model for the design of shared vehicles, also known as eVTOL aircraft (electric vertical launch and landing, for its acronym in English). The reference model serves as a kind of "guiding" design for existing and future partners who build aircraft cars. Recently, Uber Elevate started a collaboration with Safran Cabin ZEO to achieve something similar in the interior of the cabin.

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