Friday , August 12 2022

U. de Concepción reported that two of his players were hit by a traffic accident | Sports


An unhappy news was released University of Concepción via your website after reporting it Two of his players suffered a traffic accident during this Tuesday.

It is about Luis Riveros and Guillermo Pacheco, which collided with another car on a road in the Bío Bío region.

Despite this and for the peace of their families and the club, none of them resulted in serious injuries.

On the other hand, the driver of the vehicle colliding with the players, He had damage to his ankle, but nothing serious.


Universidad de Concepción Sports Club reports that in the afternoon of Tuesday, 20 November, the players in the professional football team Luis Riveros and Guillermo Pacheco suffered a vehicle accident involving the latter car and a third of a third.

The driver of the truck registers damage to his ankle. While the players are in perfect condition, which allowed them to continue training normally today and be available to the coaching staff for the important match against San Luis de Quillota, 25th of September 25th.

We appreciate the messages about support and consultation for our players' health.



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