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Toño Prieto column: Blue pale blue

The color has been almost heavenly on and off the court. In addition to the master classes that Frank Kudelka gave after his departure, in the main responsibility, to put together a competitive law, he did not succeed.

The technical cycle failed. He never took off, never made conditions with the game that he verbally expressed. The one of pointers, advanced equipment, etc.

Today, Kudelka explains situations that he must expose to, today it is already late. The Uruguayan Alfredo Arias You get that opportunity.

But not everything is the court. A campus is armed from a planning where DT and the leaders must agree.

The idea of ​​rejuvenating a squad, plus the loss of Angelo Araos, Yeferson Soteldo, Lorenzo Reyes and Mauricio Pinilla; and the arrival of 10 new members provided the medium-term goals. The level was crazy.

No soccer player arrived at a higher level than suppressing the absence of the Venezuelan attacks from the sides.

And again, the Chilean law fools, they think it adds 1 + 1 and a guaranteed result.

Clearly the bike failed because there was no harmony between who is preparing what will happen to the court, what happens outside.

This formula is sure to fail.

University of Chile, despite having a majority controller (Carlos Heller), many passionate supporters, a rich sports story, officials for every need, it is not enough to have technical stability and good results.

Will Heller get worn out? Will they be right with Arias on the bench? Will Guerra, Parra, Martínez and others explode?

Issues pointing to a moment that deserves extreme attention, because the color blue cannot continue to fade.

If there are no signs showing green shoots, the crisis can reach the heart of S.A.

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