Friday , November 15 2019
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Time complicates red before Pacific Classic against Peru

The worry continues Chile outside the court. If you already had traffic problems Sao PauloThere are also doubts about the state of the courts and the non-optimal conditions for the hotels. To this it was added that the red would exercise during an uneven rain.

Porto Alegre, the city where Chileans and Peruvians will play their match in the semi-finals, dived on Sunday with heavy rain. In fact, the Meteorological Institute in Brazil decided orangery, which means that precipitation is considered a risk to the health of the population.

According to forecasts in Brazil, the storm is expected on the Gaucho territory, which may complicate Chile's practice at the SESC Olympic Center.

According to information from Cooperativa radio, Mauricio Isla, Eduardo Vargas and Gabriel Arias They trained outside their classmates. However, the action was due to an overload of muscle presented by the players, which does not pose any danger in their participation in the crucial duel against the Peruvians.

The Red is prepared with everything to renew the title Copa América, and will meet Peru in the semifinals of the competition on Wednesday from 20:30 hours.

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