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This year's most profitable action degrades the performance Apple and Amazon have had

Which is the company that has most appreciated in the market so far this century? Maybe Amazon? Or maybe Apple? With increases of 2,300% and 5,300% since January 2000, both are good alternatives.

But the truth is that they do not even come close to the real number in that period, Monster Drinks. The energy drink company has been the undisputed queen of all exchanges, with an increase of 60,000 percent during the period.

It is a summary of historical proportions compared to all others who have previously been fed by the constant increases in benefits since 2008, while revenues have continued to increase below 9% since 2001.

"Energy drinks are the drinks of this generation, and Monster has been able to expand its products consistently with great success," said Caroline Levy, an analyst at Macquarie Capital.

But now, despite its spectacular development, it faces more complicated times. Amazon sells its own energy drink and Coca-Cola also launches its Coca-Cola Energy in Europe.

What does the future hold for Monster?

According to Bloomberg, Coca-Cola owns 19% of Monster, making it the largest owner by far. In addition, it distributes Monster products and analysts have speculated on more than one occasion that it could buy the entire company, which has a capitalization of nearly $ 30,000.

The launch of Coca-Cola Energy has become a sign that the purchase will not occur, especially after Coca-Cola spent $ 5.1 billion to acquire Costa Coffee in August.

"I think the opportunity has gone, Coca-Cola will not buy Monster now," said Kebbeth Shea, Bloomberg Intelligence analyst. "Monster did a lot when he managed Coca-Cola to be his distributor but now there is a real risk that Coca-Cola's breakthrough in the energy drink market will jeopardize this friendship and that Monster will lose strength at international level" , he says.

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