Friday , December 3 2021

This happens when you type "idiot" in Google | technique


CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, was invited to explain to the United States Congress to clarify any political bias in the search engine.

At the moment, the computer got to answer various problems, including someone who received enough attention.

As reported by the newspaper ABC in Spain, this is the question of the Democratic Congress woman Zoe Lofgren, who heard him: "If you search for Google the word idiot in pictures, the photo of Donald Trump is displayed. Why does this happen?"

In a comprehensive response, Pichai strongly denied that Google was benefiting from more progressive political flows, despite some legislators saying.

Without going further, Trump himself said in August that Google's results are "manipulated" because searches of "Trump News" often offer negative stories about him.

Capture | Google
Capture | Google

"Every time a user writes a keyword, Google expires, crawls and stores copies of billions of web pages in our index", began to point out Pichai in his appearance in the Legal Committee of the United States House of Representatives.

"We take that key term and compare it with its pages and classify them based on more than 200 signals and parameters such as relevance, freshness, popularity or how others use it. Based on that, and at a given time, we try to classify and find the best search results for that issue "he added.

Lofgren, who was not completely satisfied with the answer, answered in an ironic tone: "So, it's not a little man sitting behind the curtains and discovering what we're going to show the user but it's a compilation and an attempt to order information about what the users generate? ".

It was just like Pichai explained it on Google They do not manually intervene in a particular search result.

In other words, what happens to the search engine is that many people have shared pictures of Trump that associate them with the term "Idiot" Making the search engine algorithm relate them as a single concept.

Note that the image of Donald Trump appears in the results if you are looking for "idiot" and "idiot".

According to a survey conducted by Pew Research Center In June of June, 43% of Americans consider that the key technology companies support Liberal views over conservatives.

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