Monday , December 6 2021

"They liked my husband"


"I did a very long statement. They treated me very well. We talked until tired".

With these words, the singer Tito Fernandez summarized his extensive day in PDI (Bridex), where he came to testify of allegations of sexual abuse and rape weighing against him.

"I hope justice is done. The truth is that we have it because the other is a very nice assembly." At this moment, I do not think of any action of any kind, I devote myself to what happens that destroyed my life that is, they destroyed me, "said the singer in conversation with morning.

Lu Rivera, the wife of the artist, who followed him every second, returned to witness the cameras chilevisión, where he already made controversy to disturb Rafael Araneda and debate in hard conditions with Fran García Huidobro.

"A person named Isabel says that she saw more than 100 pictures, in an orgie where my husband participated and where he met me immediately. Show me the pictures, thank you. They have also taken all my statements in my context. chronology of everything I've said, "said the woman.

"Besides, I do not have to explain what I do in my marriage and in my privacy. They were so upset that I said I gave my husband permission. I did not give my husband permission. With my husband we talked about it and we left it There we both understood that he was free to have sex with who he wanted. He had it never raped anyone. The ladies allowed, they agreed and they were with my husband, what makes me understand is that they liked my husband , "added Rivera.

"They have ruined me, especially women. And they talk about solidarity with sex?" I say clarito: If I knew he's a rapist, I'd be the first to empathize with them. I'm not married to a rapist, I'm married with a big man, "he concluded.

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